Memories in the Making

Hi Everyone
I Have been so busy lately. We had three weeks of company that we thoroughly enjoyed and now I am visiting my youngest daughter and her family in New York.
Brianna is the youngest of our clan and has two beautiful daughters and a very wonderful husband.

In this area, what we would call small towns are either villages or hamlets. So many original houses from the mid to late 1800's every where. I love it here. It is so peaceful. The architecture in the buildings, houses, and even the cemetery stones are so intricate.
Our oldest grand daughter Nakiah has taken us on walks all over town to see her favorite places:
the cemetery, her school and playground, the pizza parlor and the local grocery as well as the 'libary'.

I brought 5 yr old Sydne bean with me to surprise her cousins. They are having the best times together. Her mommy and daddy put a lot of faith in me to bring her along. I know they miss her terribly. Thank you Bryce and Bethany for putting your trust in me. Sydne is a great 'travel buddy'.

brianna nakiah and tovi joi
we went to a small town fair and had so much fun. Tovi is such a ham
Sydne and Nakiah are more like sisters and best friends than cousins
we stopped at a small park to picnic and feed the left overs to the ducks. This picture really tugs at my heartstrings. It reminds me of my three girls when they were these ages!!
Oma's trio!! We miss Nai'a and Lauryn who were left back home!!
Nakiah has lost her two front teeth this was taken right after she went on a big ride all alone!!
Oma helping sydne bean dig in the rocks..........what a cute toy.
She loves dresses and hats....I brought her this outfit.
WHEEEEE this little monkey comes down the bannister every time she comes down stairs!!
climbing off part way down shaking my head
another picture on the midway.

I will be back home on aug 17th and will have to bring you up to date on the neighbor kids gardens as well as our three new kittens. When I left they were three weeks old and when i get back they will be five!!

I did not bring my computer as I wanted to minimize what I was carrying and checking in so I have no pics or anything on brianna's computer............just what we have taken here.

It has been humid here..........something we don't get back home..........and we have had incredible thunder storms and lightning shows..............this morning early the rain was a huge down pour.
I got out of bed to sit and enjoy it.

I am reading some books we bought at the local library and the girls and I have been reading every day to each other. I love hanging out with all my girls.

Happy august days to you all!!!!