Solar Chandelier

So I have been looking for that very special 'just right' chandelier since last fall. A friend and I went to a barn sale/flea market and I found this:

                                  The light fixture is actually crammed into a bird cage stand.
                                 And they are both WHITE!  You now I just have to have COLOR.

                                   So I started with the stand and went through my stash of spray paint.  Remember the church rummage sale and $5/grocery bag?  Well this beautiful.... but inside rusted ...teapot was stuffed into that bag with all the other silver.  I found the bells at a separate garage sale for a quarter. I saw this on pinterest last year.

I used waterproof silicone from Lowe's and glued the cup to the saucer then the whole thing to the bar.  It has been up a month and has not fallen off and it gets hit by the sprinkler every day.

I love this color and happened to have one can of spray paint left....love it. I took the pvc pipes off then cut the wire off and replaced the holders.

I went through my stash of beads and jewels and beaded ropes of beads while watching my favorite shows on TV.

I wanted this to be solar since it is going in the garden.  I found these perfect globes  removed the lower stake taped them off and spray painted over  the black.

They sit very nicely in the holders.  I pulled the tabs out before inserting them so the solar light would work.

Then John helped me hang it in the center of the gazebo. We bought that from a cousin without the canopy and I envisioned just this chandelier of sorts. It sparkles in the sun.

This is just getting dark and you can see how the lights are already turning on.  John called me to the back yard the first night and said  'Honey, you left the lights on.'

I am working on this little seating area....need to add another chair or two some cushions to the bench and I want to mosaic the bird bath.

If you look closely you can see branches stuck in the ground all around.  Our kids were here a few months ago and we had them trim the huge french pussy willow tree and our daughter found online that you could just stick them in the ground to root and keep them well watered.  We have a thriving
'tree' on three sides sprouting new foliage so far......just need one on the fourth side.

Hope you are enjoying a garden wherever you are.


Wind Chimes

This is the sunset tonight after a 95 degree day.  Our usual temps at this time of year are 70's but I am
not complaining.  We have our pool to cool off in and I LOVE that.

It is supposed to cool off  by 15 degrees so that will be nice .  Today our air conditioner just stopped.
We have had it for eleven years and have never had any problems so maybe it is time.

We can't get anyone to come until the middle of next week so am happy it will be cooler for a few days anyway.

I have been decorating our back yard  for the past month..  These are the wind chimes I made  out of recycled silver.   I know some of you may be offended by my choice of materials but each to their own.

I went to a church rummage sale and  you could fill a brown grocery bag for $5.  In my bag I have a small silver serving tray and wine chalices.

I drilled holes in the lip of the edge of the platter  with a metal drill bit and then drilled holes in the base of the chalices.  I had all the beads on hand and used 20# clear fishing line to string them on.
I made sure the chalices are almost touching so that when they move in the breeze they hit each other and are so melodic.  I used a small link chain on each side to hang it on the branch.  I had originally had it hanging on the deck but it didn't move due to the weight.  Now the breeze moves the branch.

I also crammed neatly placed silverware  and this chafing dish holder in my bag.   I have a ton of beads on hand and have had my art kids making their own wind chimes.  I again drilled holes in each

 of the handles of the silverware.  You cannot use newer silverware because you cannot drill through it.  You can wrap wire around  the handles  and then use fishing line to attach them to your holder.

I wrapped thin wire with beads around the handles and added bells to some of the utensils.  This one is light weight and  dances nicely in the breeze.  It has a soft  tinkly sound.

What projects are you working on?


Summer is Upon Us

Life has been challenging here lately.  Once again I have been spending a lot of time at the local hospital ER and the Dr's.  But every day is better and I am hopeful this will be resolved.

In the meantime, the ritual of spring planting is alive and well .  I have been puttering in the garden  getting my pots and plants ready for the summer season.

My doors and fence sections are all planted.

 This pink door is all over pinterest since I posted it last year late in the season when the flowers were cascading down the front.

The pool season is officially open and we have been enjoying it with exceptionally  hot weather.