The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

Our winter in the Northwest has been almost non existent.  I am so sorry for all of you who are snowed under and dealing with frigid temperatures.  We have had many socked in gray days with no sun visible for weeks.  Yesterday the sun was out for a few hours and the temps were unseasonably warm.  Our 50 plus degrees is well above mid February temps.  Flowers are budding and everything in the garden is showing new growth.
                     We haven't been out and about much since that is easier when one feels well
 Yesterday was a good day and we hopped in the car with Shelka and headed one mile to the river where we are blessed to have a 'Centennial Trail"  that winds around the river and into the state of Idaho.
                                    Everyone was out enjoying the unusual warm weather
                                                        Even Shelka met new friends.
                                I grew up  here playing along and in this river....The Spokane River.

                        My brothers and I lazily floated down the river when it was lower in the summer.

      Dodging rapids in simple tire inner tubes.  When our children got older the river was off limits.
We on the other hand road our bikes down here every day in the summer to swim and play in the rocks.

                        I love the contrast of the different trees here in our area.  Both evergreens and
                                              deciduous trees grow and sprawl in harmony here.
New growth in tandem with old and dying growth
                                          Spring moss in its bright green coat was abundant.

                                       New pine cones emerging nestled in the needles

                           And the GLORIOUS SUN  setting in an almost cloudless sky
                                     lifts everyone's spirits and renews our faith
                                                                that Mother Nature knows best.


GYB Give Away Winners!

I want to thank everyone who has visited my blog through Vicki's Grow Your Blog Party.  I have met many new and wonderful people and look forward to growing friendships for many years.

The fur babies have been moping around and whispering about who is going to win the give away.
Shelka has been guarding the repurposed dolls.

                          Callie  hasn't been able to play with them so she is moping about.

                               Mato is only interested in getting the show on the road already.
                                               Hubby randomly picked two numbers for me.



 SARA from Paisley Rain Boots is the winner of Little Miss Red Coffee.  Sara is a beautiful writer and photographer. I am inspired by her writing and the composition of her photos.  Please check out her blog.

The very hilarious  LIZ and her cohorts from Field and Fen has won Miss Green.  I am anxious to see how she is received into that family.  For a daily dose of fun and laughter you have to meet this oddball family.

Sara and Liz please contact me with your addresses so I may ship these out in the next few days.
Monday is a holiday so no postal service.


Vintag Redo

       60 years ago I was five years old.  My Grandmother had been newly widowed and moved into a   very small house.  Her Kitchen had 4 cupboards so virtually no storage.  My aunt took her shopping for this china cabinet and I got to go along.

Grandma told me at the store. "Some day this might be yours." My parents inherited this when my Grandma died some 45 years ago. It took up residency in our dining room until two years ago  when my Mom downsized and Grandma's hutch came to live in my art studio.  It has broken and missing handles. And the wood was pretty beat up.

 After THREE trips to Lowe's I realized that they only have one standard size for door handles/pulls and they were an inch to short for the holes in these drawers.  So I rummaged through my junk. wonderful collection and pulled out this tarnished silverware.  I drilled holes in the ends and used the holes in the serving parts.  I took alcohol ink and sponged it all over the spoons and sprayed them with matte finish varnish.

 I then looked through my old broken rhinestone jewelry and pulled out these large pins and went back to Lowe's for small screws to attach them to the wood.

I like the character they add to the cabinet and they are PINK my favorite color. And they are one of a kind.
 Ambling through Hobby Lobby, I did find this rhinestone drawer pull and it matched my old jewelry perfectly.  I used a longer teaspoon for this and added a string of beads and more old jewelry.

I bought some Annie Sloan chalk paint a year or more ago and so pulled that out and applied it over a wood primer.  I can't say I really love the chalk paint.  When I added the wax and started to buff it, the paint lifts off with firm pressure.  I do love the look and how it turned out.  I will probably not use the chalk paint for other furniture pieces I want to redo but that is just a personal preference.
What are you working on this week?