I Have been tagged once again to reveal more stuff about myself!

Thank you Kai from The Party in Kai's Head.

So............... five things you couldn't wait to learn about me:

1). I grew up with five brothers--we were all a year or less apart. We used to play Roy Rogers and the bad guys. The thing that I hated most was I ALWAYS had to be Dale Evans.....the 'girl'. My brothers all took turns being Roy Rogers. Part of me was the biggest 'tomboy'. I had to be the best and always win or at least hold my own and not let the 'team' down.

I have carried that into my adult life and remained very competitive in work and play. In work it was more like I pushed myself to be the best nurse. It wasn't competition but the fact that I could not do anything less than the very best for each of my patients.

2). In jr high I was 5'8 by 7th grade. I weighed about 100lbs. I didn't have an eating disorder. In fact I could easily out eat any of my five brothers. My Mom would get phone calls and letters from the school about my weight. She finally took me to our family Dr who did an exam and then listened to what I usually ate in a day and he laughed and wrote a letter to the school to leave me alone. I had grown five inches since the previous year and my weight hadn't caught up yet. Our family genetics was for very lean 'people.' My nicknames were 'stretch' and 'hatrack'.

They were given to me by a boy who I knew from 4th grade on. His adult height was a full 5'2". But I remained those nick names by the boys until I graduated High School.

3). . One time I was talking to a lady from our church. I had been sucking on a lifesaver and I opened my mouth to say something and it fell out on her arm with a gob of spit. I was soo shocked I picked it up and wiped the spit off and put the lifesaver back in my mouth. I think the lady was so shocked she didn't know what to do so kept on talking. I could have died.

I barely knew her so it wasn't like it was a close friend and you could laugh.

4). I am addicted to cross word puzzles. My favorite aunt was a very smart lady. She would time herself in doing a crossword puzzle and then
challenge herself to beat her time the next day. When I got to be old enough, I would try to beat her time. Of course I never did but I did improve my vocabulary and it was something the two of us shared through most of my childhood and continued in to my adulthood.
I still do the crossword puzzles every day in the paper and often think of my dear aunt.

5). I LOVE garage sales!!! One day I was off by myself for half a day. I had visited every garage sale on my list and was heading home when I saw a full garage and all sorts of items lining both sides of the driveway.
A lady and two teenagers were walking to a car ,parked at the curb, carrying boxes and brown bags.
I was thrilled to find one more good sale. I casually strolled up the driveway and was in the garage when the homeowner came out.
Me: How much is this quilt on the wall?
him: it's not for sale.
me: oh darn it is so pretty are u sure you won't sell it?
him: ma'am it is our 'picnic' quilt and it is NOT for sale.
me: oh well how much is this table umbrella?
him: it's not for sale ma'am.
me: darn okay
moving through the garage i picked things up and put them down
and then spotted some old junk stuff that would be great yard art.
me: I don't see any prices on your stuff. Are you just taking offers?
him: ma'am can I help you? what are you doing in here?
me: isn't this a garage sale?
him: Hell no! I am cleaning my garage! Why would you think I am having a sale?
me: well everything is out in the yard and the driveway and I saw those people leaving here with boxes and sacks.
him: Ma'am that was my family. They were on their way to the church POTLUCK
me ohhhhhh I see. Well thank you for your time and If you were having a garage sale you could make big bucks..........
I could NOT get to my car fast enough! I was thinking I was lucky he didn't bring out a gun or call the police when he saw me out in his garage handling his belongings!!!! HEEEEE!!!! WE still laugh about that one.

Okay now that you have had a few chuckles for the day.......I am supposed to tag five other people to list five things about themselves:
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More Work on my Table!

GOOD AFTERNOON!! Aren't these roses beautiful? John went to the store Saturday before Sarah and I ventured out for dress shopping. He gave us each a different color dozen roses. We divided them and each got a beautiful bouquet. They really do lift one's spirits on a dreary winter day!! This is Jody and Tiffany, sisters who live up the street. They often come to visit and make crafts, play with the cats or just visit. I invited them to help me decoupage the top of my work table in the studio. I used pictures and drawings the grand daughters have made plus doily hearts and victorian scrap flowers, etc.

They really got into it. That also shows you how sturdy this table is. John and I were both up on the table together putting the final screws and nails in. No one fell through! HA
I decoupaged the first two coats and now am in the process of applying liquid acrylic.....you know how some western theme restaurants have on their wood tables? I need a few more boxes and I will be done with it.
I am going to have John take me to the store tonite and get some so I can maybe finish it. I have to wait several days for it to dry hard enough before I can put things on top of the table top!!
In the meantime I am sorting and labelling containers. John also bought me a cabinet and shelf unit that sits on top of it. When it is all assembled I will show you what that looks like as well.
still snowing in Spokane..................but this morning it was actually melting some.


Wedding Outing!!!!

Hi everyone. Our oldest daughter was in town until this morning. We went wedding dress shopping yesterday and she found THE ONE at the first store. Kim, the mother of the groom lives close by and was there in tears along with this tearful Mom. Two bridesmaids and two other dear friends of sarah were also there to root her on!! She has always hated shopping especially for clothes and hasn't worn a dress in four years! HA
The wedding is in Hawaii April 26th. Things are getting under way so I am so happy about that!! This will be our fourth and last child's wedding!
Wow. I have told all our friends that I get to help with their kids' weddings when the time comes and they were in loud agreement.

After two and a half hours of dress trying on and measuring for alterations, we all went to lunch at Azteca where many of the ladies toasted her with margaritas. I drank my lemon and water and was just as happy. All of our children and John and I are very close and we cherish the relationships.

It has been snowing and snowing and snowing and is soooooo icky out.
hope you are all safe and enjoying whatever weather is making your day!


My Happy Birthday/present/project

Hi everyone!! First of all THANK YOU SO MUCH for all your good thoughts, prayers and kind words of support. I am finally free of the medicine that brought me 'icky thingies on cinemax in full color' That is one place I hope to not go again....................unless of course it is fou fou bunnies and sweet sugary pink stuff that shows up!!
AN FYI .........I just started a new drug to help me sleep and took 1/2 tablet last night and slept for many HOURS woo hoooooooooo that was heaven!! I do have to give it a few weeks to see if it really works and if I have any side affects. Today I am dizzy and feel like my head is full of cotton......another reason I won't be driving myself for another month or so. For those of you who wanted to know about RSD click here for all you want to know and then some: RSDA
This is one wall of my room I call my 'studio'. A great friend once told me if you call it your craft room you MIGHT go in and 'craft' if you call it your 'studio' you will go in with an open mind and open heart and CREATE..............so be it. Of course my studio is PINK!!!!!
These are the pieces of wood that my hubby John is going to use to 'create' my gift. hooooray..........................
the frame is up how exciting!
my HERO at work!
the finished table top!!!!
stay tuned for more updates. This is definitely a work in progress.
hope you are all staying warm or cool depending on the weather in your corner of the world!!!



I hope this finds everyone enjoying the weather wherever you are. Here we still have snow and wind and very cold temps. It is O degrees rt now with the high tomorrow in the teens. BRRRRRR.

I LOVE the distinct weather changes here in our little corner of the world but RSD and extreme weather patterns do not bode well for the owner.
The past few weeks I have been having a wonderful-- NOT-- time trying to tame the non ability for normal sleep. RSD disrupts the brain's sleep center and it runs amok with sleepless marathons.

Not only exhausting but robs the brain of mental acuity and emotional stablility. My dr, being wiser than I, had an "aha' moment and put me on a new drug to help 'me sleep more normally'.

HA!!! Three weeks later I am NOT sleeping but I have been on my own little creative stimulating trip. Instead of sleeping I became so wired I was lucky to sleep 1-2 hrs in a 24 hr period no matter how badly I wanted sleep.

I had first hand experience with frying pan size tarantulas trying to climb out of the sink to do what those ugly things do in the scary movies. Forget that they do not live in frigid winter terrain. If I say they were in my sink then THEY WERE IN MY SINK. If you heard the screaming they illicited then that was just me.

One morning I got out of bed and we had been laying there talking for quite some time---yep it is true -----just talking-----so I was awake.

I jumped and screamed a the white collared-- tie wearing --ugly rat sitting at the foot of our dresser. Screaming I got back in bed and John jumped up to see our little Anna Kitty calmly sitting on the floor wondering what was up with me.
These things were so real. Poor Megan came to clean and while putting together out brand new vacuum cleaner I freaked out over the million ants climbing all over the furniture and the carpet. I almost convinced her they were real!!!

I KNOW there are people out there who take drugs to go through this on a regular basis for 'FUN". hMmm I would rather pluck out my eyeballs.

John took me to my wise dr this past week and I told him about the wonderul critters that had been showing up on a regular basis at our house. John then informed him how we can be talking about normal things and all of a sudden I am talking about something so bizarre he has no idea what is going on. But I calmly sit here and act like I know what I am talking about and wonder what his problem is. My wise dr said
hmmm STOP today NO MORE HAPPY PILLS Darn and I really was hoping to see a few more interesting animal/insect species.
Karla from karla's Cottage told me I should be sprinkling glitter on the
thingies I see to make them 'prettier'. HA

It has taken me almost a week to get rid of the other drug and so here I am still awake while the rats and tarantulas are asleep.....or at least out of view plotting their next 'outing'.

I have had no appetite which is not a bad thing......and have been trying to keep focused on my valentine swaps. But here comes the emotional instability part...................after I made my 42 recipe cards embellished by hand front and back ...............I freaked out and decided they were not acceptable and was not going to send them off. John would not hear of it and took me to the post office and made me mail them.

I convinced myself that my work would never measure up to any one else's and that Karla and Beth should not include them in the booklet if they thought it affected the overall quality.

Hey I am very confident gal for the most part I can honestly say I did not see derisive ugly species while doing my swap. They were both so reassuring about how swaps are for fun and the creativity and sharing is what is important and it is not a competition etc.

So a few days later I am freaking out because I 'freaked out' over my swap!! SHEEsh!!

I get to start another new medicine on Thursday------I can hardly wait!!!
I want to see fairies and little cute trolls and soft bunnies and things that do NOT go bump in the day or night!!!
I told John it was a good thing our car died at christmas and we have not even gone to look for a replacement yet. He drives the pick up to work and I can't be driving while trying to get used to new meds.

I mean imagine this: driving down the street and looking over to see an ugly rat wearing a neat white collar and cute bow tie or the tarantulas crawling over cars and trucks just to get to me. Now don't you think the police would love me explaining? "But officer those car sized tarantulas wouldn't let me by I had to go around but the rat driving that car wouldn't do anything but snarl and fidget with his tie!!!!

HMMMMMMM.........from what I hear it is almost impossible to sleep in a holding cell at the jail..................................................................


A Winter Day's Musings

Views of our back yard on a winter day.

Did I ever tell you I Love pink???


A handful of salt added to the rinsing water will keep clothes from freezing to the line. Boiling the clothes pins in salt water will keep them from freezing to the clothes in winter."this was taken from The Postman's Whistle Page in Woman's World
February 1935.

I am sure some of you will remember well the days of old.........wringer washing machines and hanging clothes out on the clothes line to dry.
I remember helping my own mother with six young children do laundry with an old white wringer washer. Mounds of clothes took all day and was a back breaking endeavor. It was so tedious to hand feed the clothing or bedding through the wringer while she manned the handle to the wringer itself. I was admonished many times to watch my fingers while I fed the laundry through the wringer.

Yea was the cry for all modern women when the electric washing machine became available!!! But I do remember hanging clothes outdoors to dry.
There was nothing more comforting than sliding into clean sheets that had been on the line in the sun all day!! Inclement and winter weather found the clothes hanging on the wooden clothes rack that stood in the bathtub, or several through out the house over the furnace vent, or next to the stove.

I was sitting here thinking about how even 30 yrs ago I was still hanging laundry out to dry on a clothes line when we were first married. My retired neighbor came over and said 'honey don't you have a dryer of your own?" "I indeed do" was my reply. To that she said "then why are you going to all this work when you can throw them in that and forget all this nonesense?"

Being newly married I was doing what my mother and John's mother always did. Even though they both had automatic dryers they still hung their clothes out to dry in the spring and summer.
Of course they were 'stay at home' moms and I was doing laundry for two one or twice a week on a day off.

You can bet your bottom dollar I was using my dryer no matter what the weather when the babies and cloth diapers started appearing!!

It is interesting though when the world should be focused on 'green' living. Think of how much you could save in a year on electricity if you hung your clothes to dry indoors or out year round.
Am I willing to go back to that? I would have to say No I am not.

The weather is suppoised to get much colder in the next few days and be in the single digits......BRRRRRR. I try to hibernate indoors and only venture out when I have to when it gets this cold. It sends my RSD into a flare.
I am going to cuddle with the heating pad and work on my valentine swaps while John works on my studio. Pictures to follow......................
this weekend.


THE GIVE AWAY WINNERS ARE.............................................


I finally had my housecleaner, megan draw the winning names for me.
without further ado..............................................................................











My good friend Paula @ onarainynight is Hosting a Book Give Away in honor of Her Mother's birthday. Hurry on over to her blog.She is Awesome. Okay WHO DID IT? WHO MADE THIS MESS?
HMMMM DOESN'T LOOK LIKE MY MESS MOMMA.....NOPE NOT MINE............................................
I was so funny yesterday. I was here in my studio working on Valentine Fun when I heard a crash and clutter and then furry little paws running down the hallway.

I went into the bathroom to discover the mess above. Both cats were so funny. I think they thought something was going to jump up at them. The picture that 'got away' was the two of them stretched out with back paws on the floor and both of them peering over the edge of the tub. They are hilarious. It was actually little Anna who made the mess. Callie was in here dozing across the back of my computer chair. She jumped as high as I did. Anna likes to climb around the edge of the tub and drink water out of the bamboo plant containers. They just sit in gravel and water.

If your remember, Anna was dumped in our yard with her siblings and we kept her. That was in SEPT. Callie being the Queen around here had her nose so bent out of shape it is a wonder she could smell food.

She stopped sleeping in our bed right next to me. That made me feel awful. But something happened while we were away for Christmas.
Callie has been in our bed every night since. She's either nestled next to me or at our feet. Last night she was right by me and Anna was curled at our feet.
They chase each other all over the house and no longer growl when they eat. She actually has taken a mother role to Anna.

So the pecking order must be well established and all is well once again.
I actually think Callie enjoys having another cat around to play with.
It is the first time we have been gone that she hasn't out right snubbed us for a day or two.

I know there are a lot of you out there with 'furry kids' and they are part of the family. I am at home every day alone while John is at work. Almost everyone I know is at work. These two are very precious to me.
They not only offer companionship but give me lots of love. When I am having bad day they seem to sense it and are extra attentive with their snuggling and purring.

If you know an older person or a disabled person who lives alone why not surprise them with a pet. Even goldfish give one something to care for and talk to.
It has been snowing all afternoon here---we are only supposed to get about a 1/2 foot. I can sit here in my studio and watch it fall in the street lights.
stay warm and give those pets extra love.


BLogger award and 7 More things about ME

My friend Susan from Black eyed Susan's Kitchen has bestowed this honor on me! Thank You Susan. Everyone check out her blog. It is lovely.

okay now for the 7 weird or random things about me:

1). John delivered our #3 child Bethany at home in our bathroom. I had five contractions from start to finish in about 45 minute time period!!
I was two weeks overdue. His first comment when I laid down and said the "baby is coming right now" was, "Honey I see black hair and it isn't yours!" i had him use a bulb syringe from the drawer to suck her nose and mouth out when he hesitated --------------------after i asked him if the baby was breathing. She immediately slipped right out and i sat up to hold her.
she is now 29 and the amazing mother of two daughters of her own.

She was the easiest labor and delivery of all four!!!!

2) For my 50th birthday I got a tweety bird tattoo on my right hip!! Two of my daughters were with me for moral support! Our son said "mom when you are 80 he is going to turn into Big Bird! ( let me tell you, our family is never short on humor! ":)

3) I love hearts!! I used to have an entire wall of them and lost them in the house fire. I have started slowly reaccumulating different ones.

4). My favorite junk food craving is bbq potato chips and sour cream!
I try to eat the baked ones and the low fat sour cream of course!!!!
BUT there are times only the real thing will do.

5). I am madly in love with my beautiful granddaughters!! whenever i get together with any of them I try to have an art project for us to work on. I want to be around to teach them all to sew and make 'stuff'.

6). I am one of the original 'sob sisters'. I can even cry at a soppy commerical. John and I are two of a kind .

7). I love entertaining. I love to cook and visit with friends and family.
the fun part is decorating and deciding on a theme.

Now for seven others to bestow this honor on:
Marie @ Marie's Muses Her blog is so delicious! Paula@ onarainynight blog is a brand new stay at home mom with a day care. The wonderful
Dolly at frommycherryheart. She is also hosting a Valentine swap you might want to check out if you haven't signed up yet. Go visit Heidi @ the spiritual knitter. I love her straightforward style and her faith. SKip on over to Sassafras and Lulu and introduce yourself to new blogger Carol.
My good friend Karen @BlueMuf's Corner is as genuine as can be and collects old victorian pocketbooks. Mica @ Gar-boodlesSoup wows everyone with her one of a kind dolls and homeschools her children.

Thank you once again Susan!!


Bouncing Back!

Actually it is more like draaaaginnnnng back from the nasty flu/cold bugs that felled the entire family over the holidays!! John and I have been out of commission for the entire week.

I do have to back up and tell you all that we drove to seattle (4-5 hrs) away to spend my birthday and christmas for a week with two of our four children.
The first night there, our son called from Hawaii and let us know he was arriving on the 26th for a job interview. He had to leave Lehua and Nai'a behind sob sob but let me tell you the story:

twas the night of christmas close to midnight
Opa was dozing and oma sitting in her laptop light
the house was buttoned up and not stirring a bit
when all of a sudden the kitchen was brightly lit.

and out there there arose such a clatter
opa raised up and said " what's the matter?"
Oma shushed him and looked to her left
and what should she see as in they crept?
Nakiah and Tovi Mommy and Daddy too!

The pannells from New York oh what a surprise
Oma stood screaming and crying all with tears in their eyes
the youngest of the Porter's has thus arrived!!
To complete the family and bring christmas in right
we laughed and hugged and visited into the morning light.

The only one's not there were Lehua and Nai'a
back in the warm sunny tropical hawaii
we missed you so much and hope to have you here soon
but a christmas this blessed comes along once in a blue moon.

oh kids we had the best of all christmases. thank you for your love and sharing your families!! Thank you especially Sarah and her Ryan for making it all happen. We are so truly blessed with a loving, close family!!!

Here are three of our five beautiful granddaughters.
Tovi Joi is 2, big sister Nakiah is 6 and cousin Sydne is 4.

They are eating birthday cake for Lauryn who turned one!!
Sydne is her big sis!
Lauryn is a very happy girl! Mommy Bethany is having fun too!
the triple trouble trio is here once again food and play were the main issues of the day!
Here is the darling cake Bethany made for Lauryn's Bd!!
isn't that adorable? We are trying to encourage here to start a cake decorating business as a home business.
give away UPDATE
I am blown away by all the visitors to my blog for the give away! Thank you all for the wonderful birthday greetings. I plan on visiting each and everyone one of you to say HI in the next few weeks. Isn't blogging the best?


IT"S A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!A GIVE AWAY!!!!!

I celebrated my 58th birthday on Dec 23rd and I wanted to post a give away. Then I realized this is my 75th POST. So I decided to do TWO GIVEAWAYS!!

When I took a deep breath and started my blog last spring, I was very intimidated by all the beautiful blogs and owners out here in blog land. I had no idea how fast time would go and here I am with still so much more to share!

Here are a few little tidbits that you will find in your box of goodies: a green peackcock feather wreath, vintage lace, ribbon, pearls, floral corsage...........small victorian tussie,

vintage postcards with dates and letters written on the back, original ads from the early 1900's, copies of textbook pages from late 1800-1900, vintage wallpaper trim, and the list goes on. it will be great 'stuffs' for collage work, adding that final touch to a tussie or a hat or whatever you decide to make this next year.
It will include something that represents each of the holidays for the year!!

This nice sized round box held some mugs. I bought the empty box for a qarter at the thrift store. It measures 10 inches wide and is 4inches deep.

The FIRST GIVEAWAY has 75 items for the winner. and it will include gobs of variety.

The SECOND GIVEAWAY will be how ever many items like above I can fit in this container. It is too small for the 75 items but will hold quite a few and the same variety!

For everyone who posts my give away on their blog, they will be entered in both drawings. You can't win both... sorry. But that means TWO winners will have some fun!!

So leave a comment to enter the giveaway and tell me you linked my giveaway in your blog and you will be entered into the second drawing as well. You have until January 17th when I will draw both names. Each time you leave a comment your name will be entered.

*****you may use the banner at the top of the page to link my blog.
isn't she sweet? She is designed by Samantha, daughter of Dolly from
Thank you Samantha.....fyi......samantha designs banners and does a tremendous job. You can contact her through her mom's blog above.

Let's start the New Year out with some JOY!! International bloggers you are most welcome so jump right in.

I would like to thank everyone for their friendship and support these past months. I have found new friends, have learned a ton and have stretched my creativity in many ways through all the swaps!! I am looking forward to the new year and all the inspirations and new friends that await!