I hope this finds everyone enjoying the weather wherever you are. Here we still have snow and wind and very cold temps. It is O degrees rt now with the high tomorrow in the teens. BRRRRRR.

I LOVE the distinct weather changes here in our little corner of the world but RSD and extreme weather patterns do not bode well for the owner.
The past few weeks I have been having a wonderful-- NOT-- time trying to tame the non ability for normal sleep. RSD disrupts the brain's sleep center and it runs amok with sleepless marathons.

Not only exhausting but robs the brain of mental acuity and emotional stablility. My dr, being wiser than I, had an "aha' moment and put me on a new drug to help 'me sleep more normally'.

HA!!! Three weeks later I am NOT sleeping but I have been on my own little creative stimulating trip. Instead of sleeping I became so wired I was lucky to sleep 1-2 hrs in a 24 hr period no matter how badly I wanted sleep.

I had first hand experience with frying pan size tarantulas trying to climb out of the sink to do what those ugly things do in the scary movies. Forget that they do not live in frigid winter terrain. If I say they were in my sink then THEY WERE IN MY SINK. If you heard the screaming they illicited then that was just me.

One morning I got out of bed and we had been laying there talking for quite some time---yep it is true -----just talking-----so I was awake.

I jumped and screamed a the white collared-- tie wearing --ugly rat sitting at the foot of our dresser. Screaming I got back in bed and John jumped up to see our little Anna Kitty calmly sitting on the floor wondering what was up with me.
These things were so real. Poor Megan came to clean and while putting together out brand new vacuum cleaner I freaked out over the million ants climbing all over the furniture and the carpet. I almost convinced her they were real!!!

I KNOW there are people out there who take drugs to go through this on a regular basis for 'FUN". hMmm I would rather pluck out my eyeballs.

John took me to my wise dr this past week and I told him about the wonderul critters that had been showing up on a regular basis at our house. John then informed him how we can be talking about normal things and all of a sudden I am talking about something so bizarre he has no idea what is going on. But I calmly sit here and act like I know what I am talking about and wonder what his problem is. My wise dr said
hmmm STOP today NO MORE HAPPY PILLS Darn and I really was hoping to see a few more interesting animal/insect species.
Karla from karla's Cottage told me I should be sprinkling glitter on the
thingies I see to make them 'prettier'. HA

It has taken me almost a week to get rid of the other drug and so here I am still awake while the rats and tarantulas are asleep.....or at least out of view plotting their next 'outing'.

I have had no appetite which is not a bad thing......and have been trying to keep focused on my valentine swaps. But here comes the emotional instability part...................after I made my 42 recipe cards embellished by hand front and back ...............I freaked out and decided they were not acceptable and was not going to send them off. John would not hear of it and took me to the post office and made me mail them.

I convinced myself that my work would never measure up to any one else's and that Karla and Beth should not include them in the booklet if they thought it affected the overall quality.

Hey I am very confident gal for the most part I can honestly say I did not see derisive ugly species while doing my swap. They were both so reassuring about how swaps are for fun and the creativity and sharing is what is important and it is not a competition etc.

So a few days later I am freaking out because I 'freaked out' over my swap!! SHEEsh!!

I get to start another new medicine on Thursday------I can hardly wait!!!
I want to see fairies and little cute trolls and soft bunnies and things that do NOT go bump in the day or night!!!
I told John it was a good thing our car died at christmas and we have not even gone to look for a replacement yet. He drives the pick up to work and I can't be driving while trying to get used to new meds.

I mean imagine this: driving down the street and looking over to see an ugly rat wearing a neat white collar and cute bow tie or the tarantulas crawling over cars and trucks just to get to me. Now don't you think the police would love me explaining? "But officer those car sized tarantulas wouldn't let me by I had to go around but the rat driving that car wouldn't do anything but snarl and fidget with his tie!!!!

HMMMMMMM.........from what I hear it is almost impossible to sleep in a holding cell at the jail..................................................................


Alison Gibbs said...

Hi Catie, poor you. i do hope he gets the medication right this time. Maybe this time you'll be able to get a peaceful sleep.
Take care.

Natalea said...

Agh! Anything but tarantulas!! that has to be the worst! Snakes, rats, etc, no problem, but tarantulas?!!
best of luck with good sleep filled with cupcakes and fairies...
xo natalea

Jessica said...

Oh Catie, I feel lucky now that my only side effects from my meds are muscle spasms! I've had CFS for 15 years, so I can identify with you on a lot of things, but not tarantulas and rats! I, too, pray that you only see bunnies and fairies in your dreams or visions from now on.

Vallen said...

I hope you see new pairs of shoes, diamond tiaras and fanicily decorated cakes, maybe piles of gold, too, just not anything scary.

Dolly said...

Oh my gosh CatieAn thats terrible!!!
I sure hope the Dr gets the meds straight this time!
Sending big hugz, Dolly

Sassafras & LuLu said...

Oh My Catie,
We need some big prayers for this my dear!!

Praying you can find some peace, sleep filled w/sweet dreams and relief from pain!!

Ps,,,,You are an awesome artist!!!!!!!

Lucy said...

Oh my--that has got to be scary! I hope that they figure out what's wrong and get your medicines back on track so you sleep well and wake up only to happy things! Hugs to you!

Charmingdesigns said...

Hi. I just found you. I hope the new meds will make you better. If you need a laugh please come visit my blog. Laurie

The Rose Room said...

Oh Catie, that is terrible, ugh I hate what medication can do. And yes, why couldn't you have seen some cute fluffy things with glitter . . . Hope the medication is out of your system and you have got some catch up sleep in:) Rachaelxo

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Catie, My heart goes out to you...this must be terrifying. Just keep writing about what you see..maybe we can make it into a book or movie one day, and don't forget to glitter the rats and taratulas. Susan

bluemuf said...

Oh my heavens, you poor dear. Catie, that is is awful. I hope after discontinuing the meds you will not see these little critters any more. Hope you can soon get some sleep.

Hugs Karen

Paula said...

Hope your sleep (and your waking) has been spider and rodent free lately. I vote for the fairies and cupcakes~

vivian said...

Oh my! YOu poor girl! If your gonna hallucinate you should at least be able to see rainbows and fairys and fun things !! What is RSD? I do hope your meds get regulated and that your getting the sleep you need! sometimes I joke around saying I wish I never had to sleep (because there are so many creative things I want to do!!) but I really dont mean it!
hope things are better for you soon!!

Sassafras & LuLu said...

Miss CatieAn,
where are you? We miss you!
come back

ZanyMayd said...

Hi Catie,

The Dress form I won off eBay, I was so excited when I won for about $50, they normally are almost $100! so that was a Deal, I thought ~ assembling it was alittle difficult, but well worth it! another dress form I would Love to have is a Vintage Wolf form (the kind they use on Project Runway) not for clothes, but for Display! Hope You are Feeling Better ~ and keeping the Spiders & RATS away ! (I have a RAT Phobia - so it was hard for Me to even read about the RAT!)