Wedding Outing!!!!

Hi everyone. Our oldest daughter was in town until this morning. We went wedding dress shopping yesterday and she found THE ONE at the first store. Kim, the mother of the groom lives close by and was there in tears along with this tearful Mom. Two bridesmaids and two other dear friends of sarah were also there to root her on!! She has always hated shopping especially for clothes and hasn't worn a dress in four years! HA
The wedding is in Hawaii April 26th. Things are getting under way so I am so happy about that!! This will be our fourth and last child's wedding!
Wow. I have told all our friends that I get to help with their kids' weddings when the time comes and they were in loud agreement.

After two and a half hours of dress trying on and measuring for alterations, we all went to lunch at Azteca where many of the ladies toasted her with margaritas. I drank my lemon and water and was just as happy. All of our children and John and I are very close and we cherish the relationships.

It has been snowing and snowing and snowing and is soooooo icky out.
hope you are all safe and enjoying whatever weather is making your day!


Alison Gibbs said...

How exciting another wedding. She looks so happy and pretty in her dress. What a bonus to find the right dress in the first store.
Enjoy the preparations for the wedding.

vivian said...

Hi catie,
your daughter looks lovely in her dress. I cant imaging all my kids being married! cant wait though!

Sassafras & LuLu said...

Hi Catie!
Your bride-to-be daughter looks beautiful. And sound like you get to travel too a lovely place!!

Kai said...

Catie, she's a BEAUTY! She certainly looks at ease in that dress, too, for a person not into wearing dresses all the time - as tho' she were born to MODEL! Wow! Four weddings! I had only the one daughter who didn't do a traditional wedding (or, for that matter, a traditional ANYTHING - LOL) so I truly envy you the experience! I also envy you the SNOW! I want some!!!!!

lollysnestegg said...

How exciting! Congratulations on hte upcoming nuptials to you and John!

Samantha M. said...

Congratulations on the upcoming wedding! Your daughter looks so beautiful in that dress!!!

Paula said...

She's absolutely gorgeous and looks so happy!