I Have been tagged once again to reveal more stuff about myself!

Thank you Kai from The Party in Kai's Head.

So............... five things you couldn't wait to learn about me:

1). I grew up with five brothers--we were all a year or less apart. We used to play Roy Rogers and the bad guys. The thing that I hated most was I ALWAYS had to be Dale Evans.....the 'girl'. My brothers all took turns being Roy Rogers. Part of me was the biggest 'tomboy'. I had to be the best and always win or at least hold my own and not let the 'team' down.

I have carried that into my adult life and remained very competitive in work and play. In work it was more like I pushed myself to be the best nurse. It wasn't competition but the fact that I could not do anything less than the very best for each of my patients.

2). In jr high I was 5'8 by 7th grade. I weighed about 100lbs. I didn't have an eating disorder. In fact I could easily out eat any of my five brothers. My Mom would get phone calls and letters from the school about my weight. She finally took me to our family Dr who did an exam and then listened to what I usually ate in a day and he laughed and wrote a letter to the school to leave me alone. I had grown five inches since the previous year and my weight hadn't caught up yet. Our family genetics was for very lean 'people.' My nicknames were 'stretch' and 'hatrack'.

They were given to me by a boy who I knew from 4th grade on. His adult height was a full 5'2". But I remained those nick names by the boys until I graduated High School.

3). . One time I was talking to a lady from our church. I had been sucking on a lifesaver and I opened my mouth to say something and it fell out on her arm with a gob of spit. I was soo shocked I picked it up and wiped the spit off and put the lifesaver back in my mouth. I think the lady was so shocked she didn't know what to do so kept on talking. I could have died.

I barely knew her so it wasn't like it was a close friend and you could laugh.

4). I am addicted to cross word puzzles. My favorite aunt was a very smart lady. She would time herself in doing a crossword puzzle and then
challenge herself to beat her time the next day. When I got to be old enough, I would try to beat her time. Of course I never did but I did improve my vocabulary and it was something the two of us shared through most of my childhood and continued in to my adulthood.
I still do the crossword puzzles every day in the paper and often think of my dear aunt.

5). I LOVE garage sales!!! One day I was off by myself for half a day. I had visited every garage sale on my list and was heading home when I saw a full garage and all sorts of items lining both sides of the driveway.
A lady and two teenagers were walking to a car ,parked at the curb, carrying boxes and brown bags.
I was thrilled to find one more good sale. I casually strolled up the driveway and was in the garage when the homeowner came out.
Me: How much is this quilt on the wall?
him: it's not for sale.
me: oh darn it is so pretty are u sure you won't sell it?
him: ma'am it is our 'picnic' quilt and it is NOT for sale.
me: oh well how much is this table umbrella?
him: it's not for sale ma'am.
me: darn okay
moving through the garage i picked things up and put them down
and then spotted some old junk stuff that would be great yard art.
me: I don't see any prices on your stuff. Are you just taking offers?
him: ma'am can I help you? what are you doing in here?
me: isn't this a garage sale?
him: Hell no! I am cleaning my garage! Why would you think I am having a sale?
me: well everything is out in the yard and the driveway and I saw those people leaving here with boxes and sacks.
him: Ma'am that was my family. They were on their way to the church POTLUCK
me ohhhhhh I see. Well thank you for your time and If you were having a garage sale you could make big bucks..........
I could NOT get to my car fast enough! I was thinking I was lucky he didn't bring out a gun or call the police when he saw me out in his garage handling his belongings!!!! HEEEEE!!!! WE still laugh about that one.

Okay now that you have had a few chuckles for the day.......I am supposed to tag five other people to list five things about themselves:
1). Rhonda @Rhondamum
2). Vivian @ Viv's Whimsy
3). Sarah @ gypsy mermaid life
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5). Natalea @ Kandeland


vivian said...

OK.. I'll do it. I have to think of some stuff to share first!
I'm dying here laughing about you and the garage sale!!! thats just too awesome!! cracked me right up!!

Kai said...

I laughed myself silly and enjoyed every word! Catie, you should have been a WRITER! VERY interesting facts, & fun, fun reading!

Rhondamum said...

I can't stop laughing! How hysterical! I bet that man thought you were crazy, hanging out in his garage. But what does he expect, it is SO understandable!

I can't believe you put that life saver back in your mouth!

Thanks for the laugh! I will have to think on this....

Heidi said...

That garage sale story is pretty funny!

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

Not really a garage sale, is so funny! Isn't this everyone's fear?!

Anonymous said...

oh wow my first blog tag! hehe I will jump right on it!! to bad you dont live closer I am a garage sale fanatic!! haha OH i almost forgot! I started a swap! I would love if you would join! go check it out!

Rhondamum said...

My Tag is complete and posted! Check it out!

Marie said...

Loved reading these five things about you Catie! I can just imagine how mortified you would have been when that lifesaver fell out of your mouth! Great recovery!!!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

That was pee in the pants funny! Especially the yard sale one. I had the exact opposite with my height. I was always on the other end of the line..kids can be so cruel. Its what makes us tough today...I guess. I would have traded height with you though.

Brianna said...

Hey Mom, You forgot to share the time that you dropped your overalls in a public bathroom stall and silverware (from the buffet dinner you just had) clattered all over the bathroom floor, while others were peeing no less.
How about that time that you went to Dairy Queen to get dilly bars and accidentally asked for something that you would find at the TripleX store!

To all of you who read this, my mom is a wonderful, silly lady! If you hang around her enough, you are bound to live through one of these "pee in the pants funny" moments.
Love You Mom!