My Latest Project

 So I have ONE MORE WEEK before I get my walking boot off......counting down the days!!

I am moving around a lot better than the previous 7 weeks so finally was able to mark a project off my list.

 This was John's Great Uncle Charles' favorite reading chair. After he passed away it passed to us and reeked of cigar/cigarette smoke.

 It sat out on our deck with a brightly colored beach towel thrown over it and was our two cats' favorite perch whatever the weather.

I had John bring it in to my studio and tore all of the old fabric off and the batting out. I replaced it with new padding and quilt batting. I love my staple gun.

I had some Annie Sloan graphite colored paint and wax so pulled that out.

I painted all the wood surfaces with the paint and buffed them with wax after the paint was dry.

I pulled fabric out of my stash and this is cotton.  These are my favorite colors in my studio. Callie kept laying about on the chair while I was trying to recover it and meowed and growled at me. She was not happy I was taking the smells of her chair away.

Mato was equally upset with the changes and kept jumping up on the seat.  Every time I put her down she would get right back up and growl as well.

I pulled this bead trim out of my trim box and applied it around the edge of the chair and between the seat of the chair and the base.

Like so.

I added a bolster pillow that I made with more fabric I had on hand.

When I am not sitting here you will find either cat claiming it as theirs. That tells me they are as happy with the changes as I am.

The only thing I am not liking is that I usually recover furniture with stiffer fabric or upholstery/drapery fabric.
I didn't feel like I should spend money on any fabric when I have so much in my stash. So this being cotton, it does stretch and wrinkle after being sat on.  It does smooth right out and I know the wrinkle police won't be visiting any time soon. But, just info for anyone out there who might  want to take on a similar project and use cotton. That is one thing I didn't think out ahead of time.
I do love it and I added quilt batting to the bottoms of the legs so I can move it around in my studio and save scuffing up the hardwood floors.

What projects are you working on?


I Won a Give Away from the Blog Party

When I picked up our mail today I had a lovely gift from the Blog Party Hop.

It is a give away from Carol @ Art and Sand.  She is a not only a great host but a very creative soul.
You need to go visit if you haven't already done so.  I love the cheery little wrap.

                Inside I found this darling little wire basket full of word cards. I absolutely love it!

She made this little basket out of wire....as my 6 yr old grand daughter would say, "It's just sooo cute!"

Each card has different sayings as well as embellishments. Carol told me She never repeats a design or 
saying so they really are each one of a kind. How special is that?

It now sits in a prominent spot on my dresser right when you walk in or out of the studio. I know I will be pulling these out and sharing them with anyone who comes to visit.
Thank You Carol for making a dreary day extra bright!