Please join this online auction for beautiful Ava Grace!! She was born prematurely in February and has Pfeiffer Syndrome. The theme is angels and can be anything you want to contribute.
If you are interstested in participating please click on the banner above for information.
Many Artists have come together as, a silent auction will be held Sept 16 - 22. All proceeds will help defray Ava Grace's medical expenses.
Here are the participating Artists:
Bettsi Mccomb
Bone Head Studios
Carol Haberly
Carole's Country Store
Cathy Nash
CatieAn & Co.
Charlene Sethman
Christine LeFever
CLC Dolls
CrabbyGabby Dolls
Deb Inman
Deerfield Farmhouse
Deja Dolls
Designs By Kat
Dogpatch Primitives
Fifi Inc
Freedom Valley Farms
From Sherry's Heart
Gritty Art Studios
Honeysuckle Lane
Humble Origins
Iva's Creations
JoJoCrow Primitives
Jus B'cuz Primitives
Kathleen Fasano
Kim's Beaded Creations
KM Primitives
Krimson Bee
Little Ol' Me
Lion & Lamb Studio
Momma's Goodies
Monahan Papers
Mustard Seed Originals
Nannys Cottage
New England Primitives
North Dixie Designs
Pea Picker's Primitives
Peartree Primitives
PieCake Primitives
Prim And Proper Folks
Raven's Haven
Rolling River Primitives
Rosey Posey
Salt Fork Ridge
Saltbox Gatherings
Sepia Art Studio
Soft in the Head
Symple Tymes
The Blackberry Briar
The Country Cellar
The Magpie Nest
The Vintage Rooster
Vermont Harvest
Bears and Primitives
Vintage Primitives

My miracle today is helping Ava and her family. Maybe you will want to be part of the miracle she is to her family and all that love her.


Treasure Every Moment

There are only two ways to live your life.....one is as though nothing is a miracle, and the other is as though everything is a miracle....albert einstein.

I have really been trying hard to live my life like the latter. I try to see beauty everywhere, even the garden spider......and to see good in everyone, no matter what.

I had a nursing instructor when I was in Nursing Schoo.. Mrs. Mckinley. She always told us that we would be taking care of people from all stations in life. NO matter how undesireable that patient or family might be, God still loved them.

She said when the going gets tough you look for Jesus in that person or situation and you will always find the best.

I am trying to apply that to my life today. Looking at life in the best way possible and treating every thing, good and bad, as a miracle.

I have to confess I am rather down today. Even in thanking God for my 'illness' I am still sad.

I fell a month or so ago and hurt my 'good' knee and have had all sorts of repercussions from that.

I saw the therapist yesterday with hopes high and looking for that 'miracle.'

His take on it is.... my right knee/leg/entire side 'sucks' and there is nothing he can do to help improve it in any way. Too much time and therapy have already been spent doing just that to no avail.

But what I wasn't prepared for was the news that my 'good knee/leg' was almost as bad and that quad is not firing normally either. So the goal is to go to therapy three days a week and work hard and hope for an improvement.
He does not guarantee a stronger left leg or knee at all.

We talked about my 'falling' episodes even thoughI have a cane or crutches, depending on how I am doing that day. His suggestion was to see the rehab counselor and discuss something more supportive as in a WALKER.

I know that has been in the back of my mind for some time. BUT having someone else say that out loud to me is much different. Puts reality right out there.

I have been a 'jockette' all my life. Having grown up with five sports minded brothers and tons of neighbor boys, then marrying a super 'jock' I have spent my life running-----hiking------biking-----water skiing----playing tennis---racquetball--co ed softball, soccer, volleyball----we were on a softball team at age 54 when i got injured at work.

I have literally ran miles and miles and now I might have to sit down in a walker and I find it very overwhelming.

I look at the 'miracle' that I got hurt and have been able to be at home doing my art and writing. Being able to spend all the time I want with my children and grand daughters, decorating the house after the fire, taking more than five minutes to actually enjoy anything.

I am now looking for the BEST in this situation. I am trying to see the miracle of not being able to run again-- or walk without assistance--to have another piece of my autonomy taken from me.

I am trying to be upbeat and positive and joke about it all. But the reality is, today and yesterday, I am very sad and very disappointed. I lift my life up to God to do what He will but at the same time the tears are here.

I know it is the humanness in each of us to cry for the loss of parts of 'us' with debiitating diseases but I don't like it just the same.

I am not perfect but I know that I ... Catie Ann ..am a 'miracle' in my family's life. I will try to keep reminding myself of that every time I want to lay down and cry in pity.

This afternoon I got in the car and made myself smile and be happy. I drive by my cousin's house every day. He is ten years younger but we don't see each other often---weddings funerals the like.

He was outside today and I stopped and we talked for an hour. What a 'miracle' he is. He is a testicular cancer survivor of four years so far. He has four boys and a sweetheart of a wife.

We talked about those things---living with the 'unknown' giving up what you have to to survive sort of thing.

The miracle was He lifted me up and made me smile and laugh outloud even. I told him I loved him and was very proud of him. I also told him every time I drive by I still say a prayer he will continute to be cancer free.

He is a 'miracle' to all of those in his life.

I went to the goodwill and oh my gosh i found tons of rolls of lace and ribbon.
I had made the decision to make tussie mussies for christmas for John's co workers and today I found so many things for that project.

The miracle in this afternoon is I got past the 'tears' and could converse and pray while I pushed my cart around the store.

The miracles were 'finding the junk that made me laugh outloud' smiling at strangers and having them smile back, talking to the elderly lady who is missing an eye and had a gaily decorated eye patch on. The miracle of that is I have TWO eyes to see --even if my legs are failing me-----it's a miracle I have my sight to see when I am crafting and writing this blog.

YOU are all the little and big 'miracles' in my life. Thank you for being there.


Arachnid Beauty!!

This is a garden spider, known as an ORB spider. It eats all the bad bugs in the garden. One day Tovi Joi and I were picking Oma's strawberries and I almost walked through this spider web.
The bright orange back was reflected in the sun and stopped me just in time!!

You have to know me to know how bizarre this is that I have been watching this spider for several weeks. I detest spiders!! I have an inborn FEAR of spiders. I run and carry on when I see one or if one is on me LOOK OUT.
But for some reason this one caught my eye. So the kids and I watched her every day. She lives under a dead plant stalk and I had two boys weeding for me. I told them they couldn't touch the dead plant and they just weeded around it.
We have found her 'wrapping' up her meals in her web as well as spinning new parts to her web.

Our sprinkler system seems to take out her web every morning. Every afternoon her web is back in all its glory.

I have really been focusing on nature more with my new camera. I have never seen a spider this color before---usually they are brown or yellow but this glows copper colored in the sun.
I also started thinking about how many we don't see in the depths of the bushes/flowers every day.

Maybe you have one that you can show your children/grandchildren and teach them about how they live and eat pests etc. I found that as I did that I was able to make some kind of peace with it. I have become very protective of it and go out every day to make sure it is still alive and well.
Stranger things have happened....................................................


Happy Sunday!!!

Happy Sunday to everyone!! We are having the first rain pour since the middle of June!!!

Althought it increases my pain levels, it is still very enjoyable. Who can resist the tap tap tappity tap of the fat raindrops on the roof and windows? There always seems to be a very 'lazy' atmosphere when the rain is coming down as it is now.
We can always find the beauty in any day as long as we look correctly.

I have been playing with the zoom on my new camera and thought I would share a few pictures with you. This is the first sunflower to bloom.
Brianna planted so many. She was able to see this one before they left for New York.

The honey bees were out en masse in the flower gardens the other day. Of course the yellow jackets fought them for petal space for the lucsious nectar of the flower blossoms.
Today they aren't out at all but the birds are still singing the summer tunes.
I am busy sorting through my piles of 'stuff' that needs to be filed. I told myself I cannot make a THING until it is all neat and tidy. For some reason I have been organizing and tidying every nook and cranny in the house since the kids have left. I think it is because I am sad and I miss them. Keeping busy helps.
Have a happy or pensive day and be thankful for it's beauty.


Meet Margie!

this is "Marj"! I made her for a very very good friend of mine. She inherited her parent's lake cabin and has spent the last four years remodelling it. Her Mom, Marj passed away then.

For over 35 years, this wild fabric of brown,orange and yellow, were curtains in every window in the cabin. Jan saved a panel and asked if I would make a 'doll' for the wall who would represent her Mom, Marj. Marj was always so gracious and great fun. We would be invited to the cabin for the weekend and treated like royalty.

I decided to dress her in a halter and capris as that is what she would have been wearing in her early adult life. They love the beach so a beach umbrella and bag had to be included. In her bag is a glass coke bottle as well as a romance novel that actually belonged to Marj. I found a small childs blow up float nad hung it on her back. She is actually wearing brown children's sandals.

If you note in the close up of her face with the goggles and all I used water color pen for lipstick. Jan called and said she dropped 'water' on her face and the lipstick smeared. I did not know how to fix it without making more of a mess but did feel bad. I remembered now I didn't use any 'fixative' or clear finish on her face for dusting purposes etc.
drat drat drat. When I explained that to Jan she just laughed and said,
"If you remember Mom you then know that her lipstick was bright red and always smeared any way."

so she made it all right. everyone remembers the curtains and loves the doll. She made her debut when they opened the cabin this spring.

I know marj would love her and laugh at the sight of her. Everyone else does. Makes me feel good to put smiles on someone else's face.

And I will never forget to spray and seal a doll's face again!!!!!!!!



oh my!!!!!!! I always wondered about the people who had these special 'Blog awards' on their blogs and now I am one of them!!!!!

Oh my my!!! I feel very special and a bit 'undeserving' actually. I have to thank Barb, Karen and Natasha for sending this to me.

I have been on here such a short time and have learned so much from everyone I have swapped with or just have come in contact with from their own blogs.

So many of you have taken time to offer advice, answer questions, cheer me on and worry if I am still alive after accidentally painting the deck etc. HA

I have had a lot of health struggles the past few years and having had to become 'retired' for medical reasons really turned my life upside down.
I felt so 'isolated' since most of my friends still work full time.

Then I discovered this Beautiful Blog Community and I can't thank all of you enough for being in my life, sharing yours, trading art and pieces of each heart, and just adding a new dimension to my life. I am much more at peace with my condition, am creating a LOT more art and am meeting so many new and wonderful FRIENDS!
Bless each and everyone of you for being SOOOOOOO NICE AND CARING.

I am supposed to name five others to award this to. The three artists who sent this to me are already tagged. I add these special women to my list:
Cheryl @ zanymayd
Molly @ crafthappywomen
TeTe @ metallyptica
Anne @reloveprojects
Angelina @ beautiful cards

More Treasures

I got this last week from Molly @ crafthappywomen. Molly is my tussie mussie swap partner. She sent this beautiful tussie mussie and it is now hanging in my family room on a door knob of our entertainment center.
Look at all the loot!! What fun!!!!!
It is so easy to get hooked---rather addicted---to these blogs with such awesome and talented artists. Thank you Molly!!!!!!
Because of this swap I have decided to make christmas themed tussies mussies for each of John's coworkers and fill them with home made candy. I have to make about 30-35 but will start soon and then it will just be making candy later.
I make a different 'craft' every year for everyone instead of a christmas card. Besides with John off the last four months with his knee injury and replacement, coworkers sent cards, meals, donated time, mowed our lawn once a week etc etc. It is so easy to thank people when they are sooooooooooo nice and supportive.

I love my Mail!

I have been so spoiled with beautiful swaps in the mail. These two beauties arrived last week.
I had two partners for the art doll hat swap.
Karen from Bluemuf's corner sent me this very elegant victorian lady in colors for the family room.
Talk about a 'perfect' job! It is very well done and oh so lovely. Thank You Karen!!!

My other partner was Barb from 123lavendar lollipop lane

Isn't she just the cutest thing? If she looks familiar---she is---she is part of my new blog banner that Barb so graciously made for me!

Thank you so much Barb!


Christmas in July Mail!!!!

In the Christmas in July card/Tag swap, my partner was TeTe from Crafty Metallyptica
She made me thise gorgeous christmas cards as well as the Christmas Tags.
She made those with a stamp she made herself. She also sent a ton of these green and red plastic christmas trees. I will find a lot of uses for these.
Thank you so much Tete~


My Bucket Full of Sunshine project

This is the container I made for the bucket of sunshine swap held last month. I took a water cooler jug and decoupaged orange fabric on it and then added 'sage sayings' and old ric rac i then put the 'presents' i sent inside the jug.



this darling garden bag was sent from my bucket full of sunshine partner Anne @relove projects it is a pretty orange and yellow print complete with garden tools and seeds. the kids and I planted the seeds and the flowers are growing madly. I hope to see blooms soon! Thank you anne for this clever bag and all the goodies.


This is our youngest daughter Brianna, Jason, 5 yr old Nakiah and 2 yr old Tovi Joi. They left with their car filled to the brim and the carrier rack as well. They pulled out for the northeast on thursday night.

Both Opa and Oma(john and I) have been lost without them. We have both been very tearful the past few days as we go through the house picking up little 'toys' and such.

The handprints all over the window and slider are still waiting to be washed off but I can't bring myself to do it just yet.

The last four months have been one of adjustments, new respect for each other and for transition for us all.

Brianna starts her masters program later this month and Nakiah will start first grade. They will be living in a small town so far from home.
We are so proud of you Brianna for following your dreams and enriching your mind as well as planning a future career for yourself.

Youth is when you should take off on a journey with little cares and lots of life ahead of you.

we have cherished this time together with all of you. What a beautiful family you are. Thank you for the gift of you and your family. Jason thank you for loving all your 'girls' like you do.

Nakiah and Tovi Joi,,,, oma and opa love you more than the moon and back again. hugs and big kisses.