Happy Sunday!!!

Happy Sunday to everyone!! We are having the first rain pour since the middle of June!!!

Althought it increases my pain levels, it is still very enjoyable. Who can resist the tap tap tappity tap of the fat raindrops on the roof and windows? There always seems to be a very 'lazy' atmosphere when the rain is coming down as it is now.
We can always find the beauty in any day as long as we look correctly.

I have been playing with the zoom on my new camera and thought I would share a few pictures with you. This is the first sunflower to bloom.
Brianna planted so many. She was able to see this one before they left for New York.

The honey bees were out en masse in the flower gardens the other day. Of course the yellow jackets fought them for petal space for the lucsious nectar of the flower blossoms.
Today they aren't out at all but the birds are still singing the summer tunes.
I am busy sorting through my piles of 'stuff' that needs to be filed. I told myself I cannot make a THING until it is all neat and tidy. For some reason I have been organizing and tidying every nook and cranny in the house since the kids have left. I think it is because I am sad and I miss them. Keeping busy helps.
Have a happy or pensive day and be thankful for it's beauty.

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