Meet Margie!

this is "Marj"! I made her for a very very good friend of mine. She inherited her parent's lake cabin and has spent the last four years remodelling it. Her Mom, Marj passed away then.

For over 35 years, this wild fabric of brown,orange and yellow, were curtains in every window in the cabin. Jan saved a panel and asked if I would make a 'doll' for the wall who would represent her Mom, Marj. Marj was always so gracious and great fun. We would be invited to the cabin for the weekend and treated like royalty.

I decided to dress her in a halter and capris as that is what she would have been wearing in her early adult life. They love the beach so a beach umbrella and bag had to be included. In her bag is a glass coke bottle as well as a romance novel that actually belonged to Marj. I found a small childs blow up float nad hung it on her back. She is actually wearing brown children's sandals.

If you note in the close up of her face with the goggles and all I used water color pen for lipstick. Jan called and said she dropped 'water' on her face and the lipstick smeared. I did not know how to fix it without making more of a mess but did feel bad. I remembered now I didn't use any 'fixative' or clear finish on her face for dusting purposes etc.
drat drat drat. When I explained that to Jan she just laughed and said,
"If you remember Mom you then know that her lipstick was bright red and always smeared any way."

so she made it all right. everyone remembers the curtains and loves the doll. She made her debut when they opened the cabin this spring.

I know marj would love her and laugh at the sight of her. Everyone else does. Makes me feel good to put smiles on someone else's face.

And I will never forget to spray and seal a doll's face again!!!!!!!!

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bluemuf said...

Oh Catie, she is wonderful. How very kind and thoughtful you are to make this for your friend. She will be treasured.

Hugs Karen