More Treasures

I got this last week from Molly @ crafthappywomen. Molly is my tussie mussie swap partner. She sent this beautiful tussie mussie and it is now hanging in my family room on a door knob of our entertainment center.
Look at all the loot!! What fun!!!!!
It is so easy to get hooked---rather addicted---to these blogs with such awesome and talented artists. Thank you Molly!!!!!!
Because of this swap I have decided to make christmas themed tussies mussies for each of John's coworkers and fill them with home made candy. I have to make about 30-35 but will start soon and then it will just be making candy later.
I make a different 'craft' every year for everyone instead of a christmas card. Besides with John off the last four months with his knee injury and replacement, coworkers sent cards, meals, donated time, mowed our lawn once a week etc etc. It is so easy to thank people when they are sooooooooooo nice and supportive.


Metallyptica said...

Wow!! Really cool!! I such ahve signed up for this swap when there was time... now it's too late to cry over the spilled milk!!

bluemuf said...

What a beautiful Tussie, and the goodies are wonderful.

I like your idea of the Christmas tussies for John's co-workers.