This is our youngest daughter Brianna, Jason, 5 yr old Nakiah and 2 yr old Tovi Joi. They left with their car filled to the brim and the carrier rack as well. They pulled out for the northeast on thursday night.

Both Opa and Oma(john and I) have been lost without them. We have both been very tearful the past few days as we go through the house picking up little 'toys' and such.

The handprints all over the window and slider are still waiting to be washed off but I can't bring myself to do it just yet.

The last four months have been one of adjustments, new respect for each other and for transition for us all.

Brianna starts her masters program later this month and Nakiah will start first grade. They will be living in a small town so far from home.
We are so proud of you Brianna for following your dreams and enriching your mind as well as planning a future career for yourself.

Youth is when you should take off on a journey with little cares and lots of life ahead of you.

we have cherished this time together with all of you. What a beautiful family you are. Thank you for the gift of you and your family. Jason thank you for loving all your 'girls' like you do.

Nakiah and Tovi Joi,,,, oma and opa love you more than the moon and back again. hugs and big kisses.


Natasha Burns said...

Oh how wonderful and how sad at the same time for you Catie. I hope the move is all they hope it to be and more!

barbara burkard said...

Sending you a big hug to wrap you in their warmth! I don't know if i could wash away the finger prints for a bit either! Something concrete so as to reflect the memories that live in your heart!