sHEESH!!! What a day I tell ya!!! I had the best ideas when I got up this morning. I was going to make cushions for my wicker furniture on the deck.

I got up and drew pattern templates with newspapers using the chairs themselves to measure. No problem. I cut out the fabric I got on sale last week. Pretty vibrant colors.

Sewed them up and was so delighted they were turning out so nice!!!

wELLL.................that was until i put them on the chairs and realized I did not leave ANY seam allowance to allow for the size of the seats. So instead of being a great fit--------they are ALL TOOO SMALL.

Darn it anyway. OKay no problem. I still have enough fabric ---- to do it again..................maybe.......hmmmmm on the other hand not really-----will have to add a ruffle or something to make adjustments.

So scrap that IDEA. On to the next brilliant moments of the day. I had to haul myself to the fabric store and then the hardware store and then back home. It is 90 plus as usual.....phew.

I cut off a length of light PINK yes i said PINK canvas on the deck.
I am going to make a 'canvas rug'. I thought it would be so fun and cute if the girls and the kids next door helped by dipping their feet and hands in colored paint-----not too messy -------at least in theory.

HMMMMMMMMMM mix 2 almost 6 yr olds, an 8 yr old and a 2 yr old with an Oma with brilliant ideas, white pink and mint green exterior paint, a new TREX deck----gray---the kind that is sort of permanent for the life of hte deck -----like longer than the rest of my life time---especially after today---and a wet towel, and an aluminum
roasting pan.

step one: pour the paint in two sections in the pan. Have the barefeet kids step in and help them carefully on the 'rug' and let them walk around and make handprints.

step two: tell kids repeatedly be careful WATCH OUT ohhhhh noooonoooooo don't step anywhere but on the pink rug or the wet towel or BACK into the pan!!!!step three: okay this is getting easier. Really.
So far so good. Great Idea!!!

step three: Kim, the mom of the playmates walks into the back yard and said wow you are having some fun. of c ourse. You know me always making something.

step four: ummmmmmmm Oma do you think that paint might be soaking through the cloth?

step five: Of course it is!!!!! how could I NOT realize that??
step six: scramble all the kids off the deck and pull up the canvas 'rug' to stare HORRIFIED at all the green/pink/'white splotches of paint imbedded deep into the finish of the deck!!!!

step seven through 112!!!! Mutter under your breath four letter words that the kids can't hear......scrub with every product under the sink and in the laundry room. after two hours lay down on said deck and pray that hubby remembers the wedding vows---through thick and thin and sickness and health.

Believe me it is a 'sickness' enveloping me the deck still has paint stains on it and where the paint stains are no longer---the deck is sorta bleached out in spots and definitely lighter than where it is not scrubbed and 'productized.'

damn damn damn damn.........................and i woke up full of energy and feeling so good> I figured i would have the deck washed off ---this was just with the spray hose and water ----before the paint debacle-----and all the furniture re arranged and new cushions on the chairs, etc etc etc.


Okay now I have to go pick up my very understanding husband and we are going to dinner. HMMMMM how to tell him?? Before or after we eat??? Either way he will have indigestion.

oh dear.......................tune in tomorrow to see if I am still alive!!!!!!!!


Mica said...

Well I sure hope you will live to see tomarrow. Geesh sounds like a mess yo got yourself into!!! Hope it is all fixable. Mica

bluemuf said...

Oh, you poor dear. Believe me I can perfectly understand how this all happened. It's something that I would probably do. LOL

I'm sure hubby will be understanding. And now you have a perfect spot for a rug.


Marie said...

I frequently have little adventures such as this! I live by the saying, this too shall pass! Sounds like a great adventure to me though! How wonderful that your grandchildren are able to stay with you. I live and dream in hope that one day I'll be able to enjoy mine in the same way...

Mica said...

are you still alive???? Must I call 911.Hee Hee no really hope all is well and you didn't get too in trouble.... Mica