I had a great time thrift store jumping this past week with friends. I was so delighted to find this amazing mannequin head!!!! She is beautiful.
Her name is Lizzie!!!!! She seemed to call my name and said she needed a nice fun home to go to. All I had to do was look at her to know her name. I splurged on her----she was $29.00 but I made up for it on the other two items.

She is now at home in my studio and is just waiting for her 'tiara' from my swap partner. Isn't she just tooo cool?

I found these vintage halloween crepe paper rolls for 25cents each!!! I had one more but sent it to a special new friend. I can't wait to make some one of a kind halloween 'kids' to wear these.

This was another wonderful find----a purple feather tree with yellow tips for 59 cents!!!! I love victorian christmas decorations and have my own feather trees in all sizes all over the house at Christmas. This one is in my studio but will probably move to our lavendar bedroom during the christmas season.

There is a new swap meet/farmer's market/craft sale/antiques etc here with over 150 stalls. I haven't been able to go yet but as soon as i get off these crutches and back on my cane I plan on going and spending all the time I want wandering around. It is held every weekend.
Happy treasure hunting to all of you thrifters out there.


Anonymous said...

Your tiara is on it's way. I had taken some pkgs. to post office and it accidently got left behind. I am so sorry you are WAITING !!! I am so sure that it will be sweet on top of that manniquin head. Sorry for any inconveinience.


Rhoda said...

Hi, Catieann, thanks for stopping by my blog. So nice to meet you. I see you are a thrifting person too (isn't it so much fun!). So glad you found your way by & I hope you'll come back & visit often.

I'll have to check out yours & see what you've been up to.

Southern Hospitality