It is such a beautiful day today. It is going to be another triple digit hot day but John and I weeded the front flower bed and I am determined to weed more this evening when it is cooler out.

I am going to spend the rest of today rearranging our bedroom and decluttering in there. I am also working on three swaps----yikes---but what fun!

As I said before, our 36th wedding anniversary was on July 17th. John said he wanted me to pick out diamond earrings. What a darling man.
BUT I asked if i could have a new camera instead. AM I nuts or what?

I love photography and now that I have this Blog I NEED a camera to take and post pictures right?

Well he gave me his blessing to pick out what I wanted. Of course he will be using it as well.

I went to Kit's Camera's here at one of the malls. They were having a sale on cameras. The one I went to buy was very nice but the one next above it was the one I walked out with. It came with two telephoto lenses, filters etc etc etc. By the time I bought everything they could show me---heheh they know a soft sell when they see one----I still paid less than a nice pair of diamond earrings.

I had to wait for the case as they were back ordered. When we went to pick it up yesterday, John decided I needed a THIRD detachabel lens.
So I have everything I can possibly buy for it now.

Of course I am experimenting with settings etc. It comes with TWO instructional dvd's and a huge manual. I have not looked at any of those yet though so am excited to do that some time soon.

I will be taking a lot of pics of the kids before they move. They will be leaving on Aug. 7th!!

We are going to get them and us a video cam so we can communicate that way. Do any of you use them??

Oh yea------my camera is a Nikon 40dx!!! It is very professional. I have always wanted some thing like this to take pics and now I can.
My honey is sooooo sweet to me.
thank you John!! I love you!!!

As you can see in the estate sale pics it takes wonderful pictures!!!


bluemuf said...
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bluemuf said...

Hi Catie

Congratulations on your camera.

I almost have your hat finished and will be mailing on Tuesday.

Hope to hear from you


Marie said...

Congrats on the camera! I am just touching base with you as we have been partnered in the Vintage Kitchen Swap over on Garboodles Soup! I am really looking forward to getting to know you better and enjoying this swap with you. I Love your artwork. You are really talented!