I think Mother Nature is really in Bermuda and other things

Last week we actually had grass and NO SNOW. Spring sprung ten days ago with snow flurries and cold cold temps.........not nice. Then the snowfall melted every day for three days after it snowed all morning. Where the heck is Mother Nature? I honestly think she is bathing in Bermuda where it is very warm and relaxing. I picture her by the pool side or lounging on the beach with a drink in one hand. Young handsome men are waving large palm leaves above her to stimulate a nice cool breeze while even more handsome men feed her succulent fruit.
What about us in the upper half of the US??
Instead of lounging by the tropical ocean we are mired in fresh fallen snow!! It dumped 4-5" in our yard last night!!! Who cares if it is now melting? It is insulting to say the least.

I want to go out and rake pine needles and leaves off my rose bushes and clean out my flower beds!! I want to take a walk in the sunshine instead of huddling inside watching the wind carry debris down the street and swirling snow over the tulip leaves!! My sweet little crocuses are now buried under the snow. IT is actually supposed to snow the next three days and warm up to 50 plus by mid week.

poor tulip leaves and where did the crocus go??
I have done some swaps in the last few months so thought I had better acknowledge my partners and show what I have been making as well.
Vivian of vivoutonawhim held a "Beat the Winter Blues" Doll swap.
I sent this little garden angel to my partner Melissa. She knew I loved hearts so sent me this 'heartfelt' sweetie.! Thank you Melissa.
I also got some very pretty buttons from Melissa. I can't wait to use them.

YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE SWAP sponsored by Kai was a lot of fun.
My partner was Courtney. She made this beautiful quiltet wall hanging for me. A lot of work went into thread embroidery, beading and ribbon embroidery. It is hanging here in my studio. Thank you once again Courtney!!!
I made this doll for Courtney.... SOL SALLY. I had fun making her and her little sun faces!!
She has a clay face and cloth body with different adornments.

Then there was the Sweet Little Nest Swap by Heather from the speckled egg.
My partner was Kai from the partyinkai'shead. She is so fun and energetic. I happened on this brand new bird cage in the local goodwill!!
It still had the original tags on it. There is a battery and a button on the bottom that you turn on. The bird is then voice activated to sing and tra la la as often as you want.
At the same good will I found these darling little resin garden fairies and branches of leaves and flowers. Of course the red and black (kai's fav colors) came from thrifting. Everything happened to be on the same two shelves!!!!
I painted a candle stand and glued the feather boa all around the base of the candle and the base of the bird cage. Then I attached the fairy and leaves and berries as well.

The blue and black and white bird turns as it sings. The fairy is offering him an extended hand holding a berry.
I can't even begin to list all the stuff Kai sent me. She sent me baskets inside more baskets. Each and every one so sweet!!!!

She sent me a big bright pink basket that held all the goodies. I got lots and lots of pink ribbons!!
a sweet lamb bowl--it is just so cute .

a small bird nest with a heart!! oh shucks!!
another small basket of goodies and nesting things. She also made me a beautiful book for journaling with a clay face on the front. I think I opned packages for a good half hour. THank you Kai!!! Your gifts were perfect and so generous!!!!



I am really alive here in the northwest. I had the beautiful privilege of spending about ten days on the coast visiting our children and grandchildren. What a blessing that always is.! Sydne Bean is almost 5. She is enjoying a strawberry while working on the birdhouse she spied at Oma's house.
Opa is pink heaven with all his little girls. We are missing Nakiah and Tovi Joi who are in the northeast for a few years. We miss all of you!!
Lauryn is 14 months; Nai'a brought her mommy and daddy back from Hawaii to live on the coast again!!! WooHOO we are so happy to have them back!!! Nai'a is 2. Then Sydne again.....she loves to hold her daddy's and Opa's ear lobes!!!

Lauryn is eating hardboiled eggs and lemon! Forget dyeing!
Projects with oma. They love doing things with me!
whEE This 'painting' eggs is fun!
The egg hunt in progress.

I think I can fit one more in here!!!
Look auntie sarah!

Yum Marshmallow Hello Kitty!

Found another one!
Look Oma! How fun is this?

Digging into the loot!

What a great time...we shared family dinners and family talks, lots of stories with the girls, playing, laughing, projects, movies, working on wedding stuff.... I was in heaven !!! Thank you everyone for letting me hang out with all of you.....Opa too. You know what a JOY you all are!!