I am really alive here in the northwest. I had the beautiful privilege of spending about ten days on the coast visiting our children and grandchildren. What a blessing that always is.! Sydne Bean is almost 5. She is enjoying a strawberry while working on the birdhouse she spied at Oma's house.
Opa is pink heaven with all his little girls. We are missing Nakiah and Tovi Joi who are in the northeast for a few years. We miss all of you!!
Lauryn is 14 months; Nai'a brought her mommy and daddy back from Hawaii to live on the coast again!!! WooHOO we are so happy to have them back!!! Nai'a is 2. Then Sydne again.....she loves to hold her daddy's and Opa's ear lobes!!!

Lauryn is eating hardboiled eggs and lemon! Forget dyeing!
Projects with oma. They love doing things with me!
whEE This 'painting' eggs is fun!
The egg hunt in progress.

I think I can fit one more in here!!!
Look auntie sarah!

Yum Marshmallow Hello Kitty!

Found another one!
Look Oma! How fun is this?

Digging into the loot!

What a great time...we shared family dinners and family talks, lots of stories with the girls, playing, laughing, projects, movies, working on wedding stuff.... I was in heaven !!! Thank you everyone for letting me hang out with all of you.....Opa too. You know what a JOY you all are!!


Kai said...

Ahhhhh! THERE you are! I was just about to call out the Marines! I'm guessing those beautiful children are your grandchildren, right? Soooo adorable! I miss the days of dying and hiding eggs ... sigh! Nice to at least share the experience through you! THANKS!!!

bluemuf said...

Catie, what fun you have been having with the grandkids. They are so sweet.

Have a Happy Easter

Hugs Karen

Marie said...

Ohh, it looks a wonderful time. You are indeed very blessed! XXOO Happy Easter!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Cute, cute cute!! So glad that you were missing with good reason. Hope you are well..Happy Easter. Susan

Sassafras & LuLu said...

and Easter blessings to you and your wonderful family.
glad you are back and love the cute pics of grandkids. They are precious are they not!! (i had a babe of my own who loved holding Earlobes..she probably still does..don't tell as she is a woman now..)

lollysnestegg said...

Catie - looks like you had so much fun!! Your grandchildren are precious and I am so glad you got to have such quality time with them!!

Paula said...

Oh, look at your babies ~ they are all so sweet and pretty!! I'm glad you had such a good Easter.

vivian said...

missed ya! beautiful grandchildren. How nice that you were able to visit and enjoy them for 10 days!
I dont have any yet... and none in the near future either! no hurry though!
have a good night!
posted new swap tonight by the way!

The Rose Room said...

Hi Catie, what a precious Easter you had. Your grandbabies are beautiful and I can imagine you being the best Oma:) Take Care, Rachaelxo