Oh My!! I own a fish!!!!

EEEK as of last week I now am the 'mother' of a fish!!! Thanks to my dear friend Megan!! She decided I needed one. Then she had the nerve to tell the fish that I was going to give it a very good environment; that I was a 'wonderful' fish mommy etc.

How can I decline the fish now?? I don't want to lose my credibility in the 'fish' community. How would that look? 'Hey did you hear about that lady that refused one of 'ours' a place in her home? Who does she THINK she is? She can eat our cousins but she can't give any of us little guys a place to live free of harm?"

That is a tough one for sure! I had to keep my good standing --who knows there may be a special 'pet fish owner' award! You know how I like awards. I told Megan that John would freak when he realized he is 'parent' to a fish. Her comment was "I am not afraid of John."
You all know what a tough guy he is!! HA!!

I called our oldest grand daughter Nakiah. She is 6. It was her turn to name a new pet. Her first choice was Lenny Nettix. "Then Oma we can call him Ben for a nickname."

So please meet Ben the Blue Beta!!
John told Megan he is looking for a new Housekeeper.....one who IS afraid of him!! He just shook his head and said he was not cleaning the bowl. I think I said the same thing. Megan said she will do it when she cleans once a week.

she pats the sides of the bowl when the fish is swimming trying to get him.
She will put her head and face in the bowl but hates to get her whiskers wet so that doesn't last long.
this is her favorite viewing position. Freaks John out but I see she can't stand to put her face or paws in the water so so far it's just a game.
Hmmmmmm I am thinking here that the pet fish community will place me on the bottom of their popularity polls after they see these pictures. If there is any award given out after these pictures get out there, it will be more like: WANTED WELL BITTEN OWNER OF BEN THE BLUE BETA. HE HAS BEEN IN THERAPY FOR POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DISORDER. THAT #@!!* fish owner subjected poor Ben to the daily cat and fish game......that has to be the cruelest activity since the legendary Cat and Mouse game!!

hope this brings some smiles today!!!!


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh I hope Anna doesn't get over her fear of wet whiskers or Ben is doomed.

bluemuf said...

What fun and great pictures. I also like the name Ben.


Marie said...

Haha. Loved this Catie! Congrats on the new pet! HOpe that Anna never gets over her fear of wet whiskers though!

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Catie, I love your new Beta. We had one that lived for 3 years! The cat was pretty sure it was there just for her fishing pleasure. These pictures are great! Hope you are feeling well. Susan

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

At least it's not a goldfish. Betas are pretty, but hmmmmmm still a fish! Kitty is sure amused! That was nice of your friend,.... I guess. Have fun!

vivian said...

yup... cracked me right up! reminded me of all the dozens of carnival fish my kids would bring home.. we'd start out in a bowl,, but eventually would always graduate to the 10 gal. aquarium.. and I would wait for them to die.. sometimes they live for years!!!!!!
then there was the time the grade school principal, paid my son a dollar to swallow a live goldfish!! then told me it was worth it to see my son struggle to do it! do you get the idea that my son my have been driving that principal nuts at school?? yeah, he was...
love the pics of anna and ben! have fun with you fishy!

Paula said...

What cute pictures! Anna's just looking for her new friend ~ LOL!

barbara burkard said...

i had a fish named FLUFFY!!! (he lasted 3 days...but enough for me to get photos of him an ddo a scrapbook layout! lol) when my girls were little i remember winning one of those fishies that vivian spoke of just above...(or is she below?) and we woke up one morning and it was "sleeping" at the top of the bowl...we sat the girls down to give them the whole "sometimes things don't last too long" (the delicate the fishie died speech) and before i could finish what i had to say...one of the girls jumped up and yelled..." I GET TO FLUSH IT!!! then they ALL wanted to FLUSH IT...so much for tact...i put a NO FISHING sign on my fluffy's bowl...think BEN needs one...so kitty knows not to come round or face the DNR...


lollysnestegg said...

Wow....your little Anna is so good with Ben and she is growing so fast! Poor Ben wouldn't have a chance at my house with my "kids" - they are not as disciplined as your sweet Anna...
Hope you are well!

Liz said...

Purrrrr, purrrrr, a real live fish -gosh my parents are good to me:):)
Hugs from N.Z.

Sassafras & LuLu said...

Hi Catie!
Like your new fishy!
and just got a glance at your new craft room makeover! WOW, I will check it out more later, but at a glance is looks Marvelous!!

I emailed you thanking you for the goodies when i won 2nd place from you,(lots of fun creative things!) I hope you got it, but you know sometimes they don't arrive, let me know if you got my email!
Thanks, hugs, and blessings!!!