Grow Your Blog Party

 Hi.  My Name is CatieAn.  I want to welcome you to my blog.   I have been blogging on and off for about 5 years now.  I love meeting new friends and finding "kindred spirits".  I am just starting Chapter 64 of my Life.

I am a retired Pediatric Oncology and Peds Intensive Care Nurse.  I am married to my best friend, my lover and my partner in this wonderful life.  We have shared 42 years together and the ride has been amazing.  We have four married children and 7 beautiful grandchildren.

My Faith, Family and Friends are the most important parts of my life. I personally know that my life is much richer for having God in it.  My life doesn't mean anything without Him or the love of family and friends.

 I have hired Gloria here to mop up the foot prints of our furry family:



and our adopted baby Shelka.

I call myself a  mixed media Artist..........self taught.....taking a class or two here and there and picking up whatever I can along the way.  I love drawing,  pastel chalk, pen and ink, pencil.

I am drawn to faces and have an affinity for portraits.

I love to journal.

I love stained glass and took a semester at the local commuinty college.

A new passion is photography.

I also love assemblage art and pick up odds and ends wherever I can.

I have an electic decorating style and Mr. P embraces it as much as I do.

I love vintage linens and lace:

collecting buttons.

I also am drawn to busts

and vintage hats

Please meet Stella......my favorite estate sale find.  For $45  she came home with me.  She is from the 60's and owns an original Ethel Merman bathing suit.

Stella changes outfits with the holidays/seasons and gets to attend all family events that are hosted here. I know my adult children think I am nuts but the grandkids and my weekly kids love Stella. You can see here in another outfit--picked by the 'grands'  below.
I have been teaching a dozen plus children once a week.  We explore art, baking, sewing, crafts and whatever.

 This is my 7th year and some in my class are younger siblings of my first group.  John and I donate all the supplies needed so no one gets turned away.  I only take a dozen kids so I am not completely overwhelmed and everyone gets attention.  I love children and since all of our grandchildren live far away,
I can still work with them on a regular basis.

I have a neurologic pain syndrome called RSD or CRPS.  Going into my tenth year, I have had lots of challenges.
I try to live each day to the fullest.  It will not kill me but  it does cause me grief.  Most of the time I use this outside the house.

More times than I want  I have to use these.  I redecorate them every few years.

Lately I have had to use this while recovering from another joint surgery.

I love my flower gardens.  Playing in the dirt is so healing.

I love music of all genres----except for Rap.

Reading is

a favorite past time.

Join me and my favorite grandkids, put on your party hats, pull out the noise makers, and visit all the parties across the globe.

I am drawing two names for a box of vintage goodies to be mailed out on Feb. 15th.

I hope you find something that interests you and brings you back whenever you want.
I am looking forward to meeting all of you.

I want to join in thanking our host, Vicki@2 bagsfull for this world wide event.  Please follow the link below to meet and greet everyone included in the PARTY.

2 Bags Full


Tidbits of the New Year

I am starting the New Year off on the  "RIGHT" foot.....it more ways than one.  Since I can't even bear weight on my left foot that saying is appropriate. For the past ten days this is the view I look at most of the day and often times during the night as well.
Ten months ago I severely sprained my ankle while recovering from my Right foot surgery---yes---a KLUTZ  I am.. No doubt about it.  It took four months of not healing to do further tests and I had damaged my main tendon coming off the ankle. After two surgeries cancelled due to illness I finally was able to have it done successfully on the 15th.
I have a cast on under this ace wrap and cannot bear any weight at all until the cast comes off and the stitches come out on the 30th. The hardest act is actually getting up and down in the chair, the commode or the bed........yikes.                                                                                                            
 This is my only mode of transportation.  I am getting to be more of an expert now that I have had it over a week.  I have to admit I have scuffed up the walls a bit.....turning corners has been a little tricky......and am guilty of running over one of our cat's tails.  Poor Callie screeched for her life and I felt like crying.  She insists on lying in front of me when  I am trying to get around.  I think she is worried about me and I have not been giving her her usual amount of daily affection.
Shelka loves to cuddle up on my pillows and won't let the cats near me....she is so jealous.

 The past two days I have been able to wean down off of some of my pain meds and hope to continue to do so.  They make me so sleepy.  I haven't been up to doing much but sleeping and watching a lot of cooking shows on TV.
I have managed to read the HUNGER GAMES series...three books in all...I started the second one right before surgery.  I have had lots of nightmares and 'hallucinations' from my drugs. My daughter pointed out that the books I was reading most likely contributed to a lot of the horror in my dreams.

I just started this new one Yesterday and love the story telling....The Book Thief.....if you haven't read it....it is worth picking up soon.  I hope the movie is still out in theaters when I am able to walk around.
My goal for this weekend is to start working on some 
repurposed books for the nurses and drs who took care of me.

This is my FAVORITE NURSE----Mr. P.  He waits on me hand and foot and agreeing  with our lovely grandchildren....Opa is the Bestest.  His hairdo here is the result of 'beauty parlor'  treatment here:
I hope your January's have been less stressful and full of family and friends.