Old Barns On A Rainy Day

The past few days have brought pouring rain to our very dry region.   I was feeling house bound so grabbed my camera and went for a drive looking for my favorite old barns. I don't know why, but old buildings just draw me in.
We are so fortunate to live where we do, surrounded by farmland.


This vintage barn comes complete with this trio of vintage cars.

This barn was freshly painted this dull green....any other shade would have taken away its
full beauty.

This beauty is showing off its new metal roof.  It retains its original bones and weathered wood.

This farm had a brand new metal barn unworthy of photo preservation, but did have these fun out buildings.  Here is a CafĂ© complete with old milk cans, water pump, vintage benches and even a phone booth.

            It's partner is a trading post with vintage gas pumps and more milk cans and a vintage sign.

This building has 'weathered' many years of use.  It looks to house broken down machinery presently, but I imagine generations of animals calling this place home complete with a hay loft filled from surrounding wheat fields.

                                                              Oh the memories I could tell.....

I love the red and white of these last two barns.  The windows are wonderful.


                                                               These two were just too sweet.


Kid's Art Projects

For the last month my weekly kids have been working on their latest art project.  I took photos of each one of them.  They had to use their photo as the focal point of their piece.

We collaged the canvas and then they had to draw themselves as something, anything.  We painted over the collage to outline who or what they were going to be.  Then they added shaded outlines in the background and some paint lines and dots.

After they were happy with the background, they then embellished their picture to create the scene.

I had all kinds of junk for them to pull from. 

When they were done embellishing they had to come up with a phrase or word to finish the piece.

They had such fun making their art and I had as much fun helping them with their ideas.

These are the finished projects:

                                                   He wanted to be a rainbow, age 5.

 She wanted to be a flower and came up with the rhyme roses are red and changed it on her own. Age 8.

                                                      She wanted to be a Hot Dog. Age 6

                                                           Here is a princess.  Age 10

He wanted to be a bottle of ketchup.  Our dog had two squeaky toys she never plays with so we washed them up and attached them to the picture.  The phrase is actually his last name. age 7.

                   Here we have a minion playing sports and holding his bottle of jelly.  Age 6.

This one has the most three dimensional aspects.  Age 10.

Another fairy tale princess. Age 11

A sweet angel  age 9.

                                                      This one is fun and happy.  Age 13.

I look at these pictures and can't stop smiling.  The biggest thing for me is that the kids create with joy and abandon and I just try to keep them going in a forward motion.


GYB Gift and Vintage Cards

I was the lucky winner in Shirlee's GYB drawing.

 I  received this beautiful hand beaded flower pin and wore it out last night.  I received many compliments.  If you look closely you will see the intricate beading.  You need to hop over to Shirlee's blog Needle and Hook to see the amazing needlework and beading she does every day.  Her handwork is simply exquisite.  Thank You Shirlee.

  I have been watching the little Wrens making nests in our two birdhouses out front.  They fly back and forth carrying straw and dried grass to build up their nests. Taking pictures through the glass, I was unable to get a clear photo.

I have been like those little wrens, but in the form of spring cleaning.  Yep...you heard that.  Organizing the pantry and laundry room and emptying closets etc.

I had put any art making on hold while I purged and tidied.   I was sidelined after receiving my second dose of medicine to get me in remission and it laid me low.

So I though I could do something that kept me sedate and occupied and came up with these new cards.

                         I love old vintage photos and you can find them for free on the internet.

My printer is dying a slow death and so the pictures print with a red cast to them which I really like.
                   This card is for a young girl named Gracie who is struggling with a new illness.

                                       This one is for my granddaughter who loves dogs.

I hope all of you with cold winter weather are snuggled up and enjoying your favorite people and activities.