AAAHhhhhh .....Sweet Bliss

So a few days ago I got my bright pink cast off!!  Woo Hoo!  But I had to exchange it for this monstrosity.  I have actually worn this off and on since last May when I initially hurt my ankle.
Only this time I have to wear it 24/7 and it is just difficult to sleep in. 
On the other hand, I am almost half way through this whole process.

I told John the first thing I am doing when we get home is soaking for hours in the tub! We were at the Dr.'s office at 8:15 and after a stop for my favorite Latte, we were back home by 9:15. I grabbed my bubble bath, and my 7th book in the last 5 weeks and soaked away a month of ick.

I have been able to walk around now..albeit slowly and that is a million times better than sitting in a recliner or laying with my leg up for 5 weeks. My ankle/foot is pretty swollen though and I can only stand on it without my boot on.

 I feel like my muse has been hibernating but have been challenging myself to do something productive.

 I pulled out paper, paints, magazines glue and marker and started working on journal pages.

 I just haven't felt up to doing anything artistic for a while and this feels very good.

 I am surprised at some of the color palettes but hey...anything goes and you can always paint or decoupage over what you don't like.

Hope your are following your creative muse today.


Grow Your Blog Party Give Away

I just want to thank everyone who took the time to stop and visit my blog and leave such sweet comments.  This is my second year at the party and as usual it was Super.  There are so many women(and men) out there who love to share their lives and creative journeys. I have met a lot of new bloggers( new friends) and in am such awe of all those who share their talents.
I can't wait to keep up with all the new blogs I am now following and get to know all of you who are now following me.
 Thank You so much Vicki who is such a generous and supportive host!!
I am one of the late ones, but I did draw two winners for my blog party give away using random generator. I have had issues trying to upload any photos to my blog for the last 24 hours.

This is the complete stash of 'stuff' that the following two bloggers have won.
There are many vintage papers, seals, doodads, Victorian scraps, miscellaneous game cards and whatever I could fit in my big padded envelope!

TADA:  Jennifer @ KarmasJourney and Nicole @ My Garden Diaries.



There is 6 weeks left to join this great Art Swap.  I participated last year and am getting ready to send off my post cards for this year's swap.
It is a world wide event hosted by Kat Sloma @ Kat Eye Studios.  She encourages all of us to make our art into postcards and then they are sent out to people all over the world. You send 6 postcards of your art/photography and over a three week period you receive 5 back.  I received some beautiful postcards and also made new friends.    Follow the link for the information.



I don't know about you all, but I love to haunt thrift stores and garage/tag sales etc. I always find something I think I need.....isn't that how it goes?  I collect whatever speaks to me and store it away for another day. Every holiday, I try to make something new, either to give as a gift, or simply to decorate the house.
I found these mixed tiny hearts in a baggie at the thrift store so brought these home a year ago.
                                                I have had all these jewelry pieces for years.
                                          I  added chain hangers to make these little ornaments.

                                Then I put them on my sweet pink mini feather tree. Did I tell you I love hearts?

 This is a metal wall pocket bought for a mere quarter at a garage sale. It has been hanging around a good long while.
I added a vintage print to the front, bordered it in lace and embellished it with Valentine ribbon.
Are you making anything new for Valentine's Day?


Making Progress!

So this sitting on my bottom with my foot up in the air is getting pretty old!  It has been two weeks and I am going nuts!  I went to the Dr on Thursday and was expecting to go back into my air cast after the post surgery cast was removed.....

Wrong.  I had to go into another cast---this time fiberglass....but only for two more weeks!!  EEK
At least I got to pick my own color and of course went with my all time favorite in any shade:

Yep looks pretty bright.

Dr told me I could start bearing weight after 24 hours.  So I kept it up and behaved until the next afternoon.
He told me he was worried I would get carried away and try to do more than I am supposed to.  Okay which one of you told on me?  Not this type A personality who can't be paid to set still.

I tried just putting my foot on the floor here and there and putting a little weight on it....OUCH!  It isn't gonna happen  this weight bearing.......it is just too painful at this point in time.  But I will keep working at it.

The one thing that isn't safe on tile and hardwood floors is that this sucker is very slippery.....they had sent us down to an orthopedic appliance department.  They had one 'cast shoe". The smallest size.... I couldn't get my foot in.....the next size was way too long and way too narrow.  I felt like Cinderella's ugly stepsisters!

The gentleman helping me: "You must have an extra fat or wide foot huh?"   ( Wow!  I have never been accused of having fat feet.)

ME (ever so sweetly):   "I am thinking you didn't mean that the way it came out of your mouth.  You never imply a woman is extra fat or wide anywhere."  (I did smile sweetly.  Okay I was probably rolling my eyes).

Mr P.  said:  "You might not want to pay much attention to her.  She took some pain meds a little bit ago and she talks kind of goofy then.

After all that, we left there without a 'cast shoe' but maybe a professional that might chose his words a little more carefully when the next lady with a fat cast on her foot comes in!!!  Smiling..  I really am very sweet.
But I had just had one cast removed, 12 stitches taken out and then another cast applied.  I had also had NO pain meds and was running out of steam quickly.

So every time I stood my foot wanted to go anywhere but where it should.  I laid down to take a nap when we got home and BINGO.....I got it!!  (Sometimes those are the best times for great ideas....maybe I should lay down more often).

I had my honey cut out a section of this rubbery mesh stuff we have under our carpet runners:

  I hot glued it to the bottom of my cast and Voila!  Perfect.  Now the cast doesn't go anywhere.

I wish it would have helped the pain but not so lucky there.

Yesterday I went into my studio determined to MAKE something......anything.  Since Valentine's Day and Hearts are my favorite things I went with that theme.

I started with this mess of......putting everything out in plain sight.

I ended up with these lovely little hearts decorated with found objects in my stash of goodies.

Then I put them on my "every holiday" pink tree.  I put this tree up for Christmas and then it stays up through Easter.

I pulled out this old vintage cupid from years back I found at a garage sale for a dime.

I added feathers to the wing.  I cute up wire with little red hearts on it and curled them to complete his hair. I had these darling pink butterflies and added them to his quiver.
TADA  here he is hanging above the mantle.

Today three of my favorite sisters who live down the street came down to help me decorate and set up for Monday's class with my kidlets.

We haven't met since the week of Christmas.  We went to visit our kids and kidlets for two weeks then I had my surgery.  It will be fun to get back into my routine.

I had my foot down for a very long time and now it IS FAT and so I have resumed the sitting on my bottom with my foot in the air once again.......gonna be another long two weeks!!