About Me

I am a medically retired pediatric oncology and peds intensive care nurse. Married 43 years to my Sweetheart John, we are Oma and Opa to 6 beautiful granddaughters and 1 handsome grandson.

We have four grown children all married with families of their own.

I love life and am a 'doer'.  I can't sit still and always have several projects going at once.

I love vintage anything and decorate to please us.
I love vintage ephemera, lace and linens, photos, jewelry, hats, corsages, buttons.
I love to make art.... anything from from funky assemblage and collage to portrait art.

Mixed media is a new love. I love photography but am a beginner... learning as I go. I also took a stained glass class for a quarter at the community college and fell in love with it.  I just set up a little workshop in our furnace room because no one goes in there and it has a cement floor.  I also learned about assemblage art in a 3D art course so am pursuing that.  I feel like I have to cram it all in and learn as much about art in all forms as I can.

I would rather forage in thrift stores and estate sales than go to the local mall. I am into making gifts for all gift giving occasions and always have been.

gardening, reading, junking, creating, cooking, designing are all big interests.

Favorite thing to do is visit with our kids and grandkids. They all live in other cities but we see them often.

We have many neighbor kids at our house every Monday for cooking, sewing, and all sorts of art. John and I look at it as our Ministry and provide all the supplies and snacks. We average about 12-15 kids.

I was diagnosed almost ten years ago with a neurologic condition called RSD(reflex sympathetic dystrophy) after a serious fall and injury at my job.  It is progressive for a number of patients and I happen to be one those 'chosen' ones.  I was consumed with NOT wanting it in my life for too long and then realized this is my NEW LIFE-----with limitations and chronic pain--and various other side affects----but it is MY LIFE and I choose to make the most of every day and every opportunity that comes my way.  I try not to dwell on it in my blog but will post occasionally about what is happening with me.  I welcome any questions about it that you care to ask.

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Anonymous said...

I am Fran aka Redondowriter and you just visited my blog Sacred Ordinary. Now I'm visiting yours and see that we share many common interests. I had not heard about RSD before, but did visit the link. It also sounds like you have your plate full with your parents. Are you on FB? I see that you are on Pinterest.