Liberate Your Art Swap 2016

It is that time of year again!  Kat Sloma from Kat Eye Studios is once again hosting her annual 'Liberate Your Art' postcard swap.

Do you like photography?  Make art and take pictures of it?  Then this is the perfect swap for you!

This is my fourth year participating and it is so fun.  Every spring post cards start coming in from various artists all over the world.  Put on your big girl panties and put your art out there for all to enjoy and sign up.


It's A Nutty Life

The last week has been very gray and foggy with intermittent drizzle.  I have been entertained by two little squirrels that live in a pine tree in our front yard.

Because of the thick canopy of branches of the tree and the warmer temps the snow has melted here. The squirrels are rooting under the bird feeder for sunflower seeds.

They don't mind me standing in the window. But seem to saying  'Hey Lady where's the rest of the stash?

 I shoved a plastic bowl in this crevice so they could reach their peanuts.  When I put them on the ground or even the chair in the flower bed, our dog Shelka will knock them down and eat them.

Squirrels don't hibernate and they forage for food all winter.  Often we watch them taking peanuts and burying them all over this particular flower bed when they aren't eating them.

 This little stinker ran out of peanuts and jumped down into the bird feeder from the branch above and helped himself to the sunflower seeds mix.

                A few birds are dive bombing the bird feeder because they want their turn to eat.

                                       While the partner is down below finding his own morsels.

Later  I went out into the back yard because Shelka was whining to go out.  On our side fence was Mr. Squirrel and straight ahead was a neighbor cat slunk down on the top of the fence just waiting to pounce.  I ran out to scare the cat away, then got the camera.  By then Mr Squirrel had run up onto the roof top to get away.
Phew!  We have two cats too and I am always watchful when the squirrels are out.

What wild life is in your neck of the woods?


Hello old friends.....It is a Dawning of a New Year

I am excited to welcome in a New Year.  I always look forward to a new slate and new Hope. The past 6 months has been spent spending quality time with our families and concentrating on my health.

                    It took most of the summer and fall to get my Mom into assisted living and her health stable.  We had many garage sales and at each one we could see how difficult it was for her to downsize and let go of so much of her life.  It has shown me that we need to give things away before the decision is made for us.

 John's Dad has progressing Alzheimer's and is still at home.  He has been able to be home alone with just day help but now we are starting round the clock care with all family members.  It is difficult to watch a once vibrant man lose his memory.  We try to spend as much time with each as we can.  They will both be 89 this year.
 We have been able to travel across state a few a times to see our beautiful kids and kidlets and that is always our biggest joy.

After a long hot drought filled summer we had two huge  fall wind/rain storms with too much destruction here in our town.  We were so lucky to only be without power for mere hours while many friends and family members were without for days.

 Now winter is here upon us and we have had more snow than the past two winters combined. It has been a nice change.  I love our four seasons.

I find this time of year one for settling in, getting cozy and catching up on long last friends and what is going on in your neck of the woods.

My wish for the New Year for each of you is that You have time to share your love with those you cherish. May the memories you make bring you years of smiles.