It's A Nutty Life

The last week has been very gray and foggy with intermittent drizzle.  I have been entertained by two little squirrels that live in a pine tree in our front yard.

Because of the thick canopy of branches of the tree and the warmer temps the snow has melted here. The squirrels are rooting under the bird feeder for sunflower seeds.

They don't mind me standing in the window. But seem to saying  'Hey Lady where's the rest of the stash?

 I shoved a plastic bowl in this crevice so they could reach their peanuts.  When I put them on the ground or even the chair in the flower bed, our dog Shelka will knock them down and eat them.

Squirrels don't hibernate and they forage for food all winter.  Often we watch them taking peanuts and burying them all over this particular flower bed when they aren't eating them.

 This little stinker ran out of peanuts and jumped down into the bird feeder from the branch above and helped himself to the sunflower seeds mix.

                A few birds are dive bombing the bird feeder because they want their turn to eat.

                                       While the partner is down below finding his own morsels.

Later  I went out into the back yard because Shelka was whining to go out.  On our side fence was Mr. Squirrel and straight ahead was a neighbor cat slunk down on the top of the fence just waiting to pounce.  I ran out to scare the cat away, then got the camera.  By then Mr Squirrel had run up onto the roof top to get away.
Phew!  We have two cats too and I am always watchful when the squirrels are out.

What wild life is in your neck of the woods?


J said...

I loved this because we have our own squirrels (2), dog (1) and cats (6) that entertain us very well! The bird feeder in is front and we have a small table in front of the window that is always occupied by at least one cat watching it like tv! They also like the deck door because our squirrels get their peanuts there and don't mind coming right up to the window to remind us if we're late! Who needs to pay for entertainment when you have wildlife, pets and grandkids?

Laurie said...

Haha! It's the week for squirrels. I agree with J, who needs to pay for entertainment?

lynn cockrell said...

We have birds, lots of birds, as my husband's hobby is bird feeding. Naturally, where there is bird food there are bound to be squirrels too!

Jeanie said...

Lizzie has been watching her birds with great attention these days. Now and then Bushy the Squirrel gets into the seed but not so much as in year's past. We name them all: Bobby Cardinal, Mrs. Bobby C., Freddie Finch, Chickie Dee, Sammy Sparrow -- the list goes on and on! It's snowy here and they need the food -- and the proprietor at Lizzie Cosette's Birdbath Bar and Grill needs the diversion!

Valerie-Jael said...

Wonderful photos, what fun you are having with your squirrels! Here we have the smaller, red squirrels, which are very shy, and we are warned not to touch them as some have rabies. Hugs, Valerie

Jann Olson said...

So cute! I love watching wild life. So sweet of you to feed the little critters! Around here it's pretty much deer. They are pretty brazen and will come right up onto my porch to eat the pine boughs I'm using to decorate my winter porch. lol! Thank you for your sweet comment about my tart tins. You are more than welcome to copy. I think we all get inspiration from each other. I have a link party, Share Your Cup Thursday. It's about sharing the things that make you happy. I'd love if you shared this post! Happy to be a new follower.

Stacey said...

I love squirrels! You sure did a great job capturing them with your camera. They know where the good stuff is. :)

Art and Sand said...

Well, we saw a raccoon walk down the street tonight!