Fill in the Blanks

So the past four months I have been very busy taking care of my Mom with the help of Hospice. I am delighted to say she has improved remarkably, thought her diagnosis remains the same. We are relishing in the good days while we have them.

I have been confined to home as well and have been trying to stay creative.  This past month all of our children and grandchildren were here for most of that time.  Our youngest and her family have relocated to Taipei Taiwan and everyone was home  'celebrating family and saying bon voyage', until next summer.

Whenever our grandchildren are here or we visit them it is always "Oma what is our art project?"

Did I have a surprise for them.

Our trex deck is old and a mess with stains and just "blahness"  I have been looking at it all spring/summer and decided it had to change.

I washed it down, let it dry and then primed it with a Kilz exterior primer.  I then drew some designs on it.

I bought Valspar exterior paint in order to find the bright cheerful colors that replicate the colors in our backyard and around the pool. Each of the grand daughters donned a paint shirt grabbed a brush and picked their designs.

I was so excited to see the colors show up.

I only had to clean up a few spots and added some highlights to a few  designs.

I took  Behr exterior house paint in Black and applied two coats and was so happy with the results.  The black background makes the colors pop and everyone who sees it loves it. It does show dusty foot prints but it is sooooo much nicer than the old deck top I don't mind.

The most special part is that the grandchildren helped to create it and will always feel proud to make Oma and Opa's deck beautiful.