Two Birthday Girls And Two Birthday Lamps!

So I am the kind of Oma who wants to interact with her grandchildren.  Every opportunity I get, I want to sit down and make anything with my kidlets.
Seven year Old Nai'a needed and wanted a lamp for her bedroom.  They rent so aren't able to put holes in the walls or ceilings so we opted for a table top lamp.
 We picked a pretty, but very plain and non colored lamp.  This says boring to me, unlike many of you, who would take one look and drool over its simplicity and the fact it would be sweet in any little girls bedroom, no matter the decor.

Nai'a had the choice to remove the shade , paint it, or embellish it with beads.  She opted to keep the lamp shade, but agreed with her Oma it needed COLOR.  Her favorite colors are lavendar, pink and 'turquoloise"..that is how she  pronounces it.  So we picked those colored beads at the local craft store.
 Nai'a readied all of her beads and then strung lenghts of wire with her beads.
                                            She picked her own 'patterns' and away she went.
 We covered the lamp shade with the wired pretties, added a few rows of lace and bead garland and some pink hearts  She also wanted lace around the bottom.
 She decorated the sheer bow with little pink hearts and a swag of beaded ribbon.
                               All finished just before bed time!  Happy Birthday sweetie!!

Nai'as 6 year old cousin Lauryn requested a birdcage hanging lamp for her birthday!!
                                                    It started out very plain green like this.
               With some added strips of lace and bead garland it now looks like this.

                                                      Here Lauryn is hard at work.

She also beaded lengths of wire to embellish the sides of the cage.  She picked green, pink and purple for her beads. Oma also had some clear , pink and green 'baubles' she liked.
                                                              It ended up like this
                           Opa is hard at work wiring it for lighting and also for hanging from the ceiling in her shared bedroom.
TADA!!  another(two) happy face(s) and a beautiful result!!