Liberate Your Art Swap

Once again  I have been participating in Kat Sloma's "LIBERATE YOUR ART swap.

The idea is to turn your art/photography into post cards and then send five different or all the same cards to Kat. With the help of many volunteers she then sends the postcards twice a week starting at the end of March until they are all delivered to the over 200 participants.  Everyone sends five and in return gets five and an extra one from Kat herself

Each year I look forward to trying to capture better photos.  Knowing I am going to be sharing them with other artists/photographers that are so much more professional pushes me to see the world around me form a different point of view.  And who doesn't love snail mail that is uplifting?

I sent the following five postcards and did hear from one recipient in the UK.  This was the first time I have heard from anyone who has received one of my postcards and was overjoyed it went so far.

The flowers were all in our yard and the door is one of several I have painted and
have used to help landscape our back yard.

Below are the postcards I received in the swap.

            This one arrived from Jen of  Lashua Art. She is a very talented artist and her art can be found on facebook.

This breathtaking   photo is by Shirina Manez. Her other photography can be found at Crated.  Shirina I tried to find a way to contact you to let you know where your post card landed and was unable to do that.

I love this photo of an old beat up truck interior and seemed to like the wagon wheel for a perch.
This photo is done by Catherine Brashear.

This photo of the sea is accompanied by a poem by Dani in Australia @Sandhasnohome.com  The poem reads:
                                      Did the sea water baulk
                                      when first if met the tide?

                                      What lyrics do the waves sing
                                       When they meet the shore again?

                                        Do Seashells cry for mercy
                                        in their metamorphosis to fragments?

                                         Does the water long for peace
                                         in the midst of its violence?

                   This beautiful postcard was sent from the Midwest by Siobhan Wolf. You can find out about her and her family here.

 This last postcard was sent to everyone by Kat Sloma.  She is a wonderful photographer and teaches in person and online workshops.  Even my husband looks forward to the post cards that arrive in the mail during this event.  I encourage everyone to follow the link and view several hundred more postcards by all the participants.

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