AAAHhhhhh .....Sweet Bliss

So a few days ago I got my bright pink cast off!!  Woo Hoo!  But I had to exchange it for this monstrosity.  I have actually worn this off and on since last May when I initially hurt my ankle.
Only this time I have to wear it 24/7 and it is just difficult to sleep in. 
On the other hand, I am almost half way through this whole process.

I told John the first thing I am doing when we get home is soaking for hours in the tub! We were at the Dr.'s office at 8:15 and after a stop for my favorite Latte, we were back home by 9:15. I grabbed my bubble bath, and my 7th book in the last 5 weeks and soaked away a month of ick.

I have been able to walk around now..albeit slowly and that is a million times better than sitting in a recliner or laying with my leg up for 5 weeks. My ankle/foot is pretty swollen though and I can only stand on it without my boot on.

 I feel like my muse has been hibernating but have been challenging myself to do something productive.

 I pulled out paper, paints, magazines glue and marker and started working on journal pages.

 I just haven't felt up to doing anything artistic for a while and this feels very good.

 I am surprised at some of the color palettes but hey...anything goes and you can always paint or decoupage over what you don't like.

Hope your are following your creative muse today.


111 LaLa Lane said...

Lord CatieAn, that looks like quite the contraption. But, way to go with soaking in the tub with your favorite Latte and newest book. You definitely know how to relax. Much deserved, I'm sure. Prayers for quick healing!

lynn cockrell said...

Dear CatieAn,

I am glad to hear you could enjoy a nice soaking. It is my hope that you will continue to heal quickly and thoroughly. Your new project seems to be coming right along and is looking very good!

Andrea Ostapovitch said...

So glad to hear that you're feeling better.
I've never tried art journaling, but it sure looks like fun!

Ida said...

Congrats on getting the pink cast off. - Since I've only been following a short time I'm not sure what happened with your ankle but I do know how uncomfortable casts can be.
Your art pieces look very interesting. I loved the elephant on the one page.
Sending healing hugs.

Nancy said...

Holy cow, the new cast is the hugest thing I've ever seen!!! Looks like it came out of Star Trek or something. At least you get to take it off to bathe - gotta love that. Here's to progress!!