This past week brought three major snowfalls. Our schools were closed for and entire week. Thursday (yesterday) the governor declared much of the state an emergency. In our fair city all state highways were drifted closed and people could not travel far due to the terrible road conditions. Not only did we have snow and more snow, we had winds and drifting as well. They couldn't even get snow plows out. These are pictures of after one snowfall and before. You don't see the flowers but the day before you did.

Here is Callie walkingON TOP of the snow. It was pretty iced over and of course she is not so heavy. You can click on it for a close up of her prowess.
This above picture was taken this afternoon. The temps warmed up to almost 40 today after several weeks of near to sub zero weather at night and teens to 20's during the day. Snow was melting from the bottom and lowering the snow level. The first sunlight in several weeks.
more before one snowfall and after. We are supposed to get another 4-6" this weekend with falling temps so whatever melts today will soon be replaced. This is the first 'normal' winter we have had in a decade.

I actually ventured out today with John to run errands and took my handy dandy walker with me. Most parking lots were full of several inches of ice under slush and snow. As long as John was there to help me get to the bare sidewalks or store entrances I was okay.
I hope those of you who are yearning for snow get enough to 'wet your whistle' and not and over abundance. For those of you who have more than enough like us please take care when out and about........some people do not realize that ice plus snow +wind= poor and dangerous driving conditions and many DO NOT stop for yellow or even red lights.
Sighing.......... four wheel drive or just a bigger vehicle does NOT give you immunity from accidents. I think some people are missing the 'common sense' gene. hee


Alison Gibbs said...

Now blogger lets me In!!
Stay safe and warm.
What terrible conditions to be in.
So dangerous out on the roads.

bluemuf said...

Great snow pictures and I love the one of Callie walking on top of the snow. Take care of yourself and stay safe.


Kai said...

I want your snow! I want your kitty! I am sooooooo envious it's a SHAME! LOL! I don't imagine it's as charming to be snowed in as it SOUNDS to someone in hot old Houston, but - sigh - it looks like Heaven to me!

Paula said...

We had great big huge fluffy flakes here yesterday. We live at the beach ~ it's not supposed to snow! Beautiful today, hope you have warmed up as well.

Bejeweled said...

Great snow pictures! Glad they canceled school so everyone could be safe and warm at home!

Marie said...

Oh brrrr....those pictures make me cold! I'll trade you some of our rain for some of that snow?

Liz said...

yeeeeh!! I am finally back, and what fun catching up.
ooooooh, just look at your snow and you dear Callie gingerly stepping out.
Your daughter's wedding dress is perfect and how exciting to be going to Hawaii- what are you going to wear?
I look forward to seeing your table finished.
Hugs from N.Z.

black eyed susans kitchen said...

So Callie can walk on snow? How amazing is she! The snow is beautiful...scary, but beautiful. You have probably had your fill by now, so send a little our way. the kids have their sleds perched on brown wet hills. It is a very sad sight. Susan