This past weekend, John kept insisting we go garage saling or thrift stores etc. So I looked in the paper and there was the coolest living estate sale out in the country. It had been going on about three hours when we got there.......oh darn......................BUT the stuff that was left for me was so wonderful!!!! The prices were unbelieveably cheap!!! I was in hog heaven I tell ya!!!
This is a vintage hat with vintage fabric flowers that I found for $3 for
Lizzie. She loves the hat and thinks it gives her a very 'distinctive air' as black is so fashionable these days. a front view. I told her she better not keep an 'attitude' going
or none of the other 'dwellers' in this room will put up with it.

ALthough I didn't find vintage flowers I found this big bin and the smaller roses for $1 for all!! I know there will be projects I can use them on and people out there who will love them.

This sled is very nice. solid wood with metal runners for
yep....,,,, $1.

She was selling a reproduction vintage calendar from 1994 for a quarter so in the box it went. John was so cute. As soon as I hobbled up and saw the $1 signs I asked the people if they had boxes. Of course they did!!

another month's picture. I love this stuff.

she had a container of 50 ...... yes 50..... of these very very nice buttons made into pierced earrings. All were on cards ready to sell. The bunch of them were a mere $5.

these are little glass salt and pepper shakers but thought they would be adorable with glitter in them and a ribbon. the tray was a quarter and the total of jars were a quarter as well!!!!

these glass prisms were $10 for 60. I have all sorts of ideas using these for embellishments.

I just had to have these small lamps. I am going to use them as bedside table lamps in our bedroom.

aren't they different?

these doll forms were $1 each as well and I couldn't pass them up.

I was so happy with my lot of 'stuffs.' I got a lot more crafty stuff but these were the highlights. Almost everything was $1 or 5 or 10 for $1.
she was a very craft lady. they were selling the farm and going rving across country. I kept thinking about the stuff I never saw. There were several piles of stuff marked "sold' that I would have given my eye teeth for!.
Oh well another day another sale!!!!!!!


Molly said...

What good finds. I wish I was that lucky.

Mica Garbarino said...

wow fun stuff you found. i would be happy with those deals too!!! Great!!!


bluemuf said...

Wow, you really had a productive day at the sales. Beautiful finds