oh my!!!!!!! I always wondered about the people who had these special 'Blog awards' on their blogs and now I am one of them!!!!!

Oh my my!!! I feel very special and a bit 'undeserving' actually. I have to thank Barb, Karen and Natasha for sending this to me.

I have been on here such a short time and have learned so much from everyone I have swapped with or just have come in contact with from their own blogs.

So many of you have taken time to offer advice, answer questions, cheer me on and worry if I am still alive after accidentally painting the deck etc. HA

I have had a lot of health struggles the past few years and having had to become 'retired' for medical reasons really turned my life upside down.
I felt so 'isolated' since most of my friends still work full time.

Then I discovered this Beautiful Blog Community and I can't thank all of you enough for being in my life, sharing yours, trading art and pieces of each heart, and just adding a new dimension to my life. I am much more at peace with my condition, am creating a LOT more art and am meeting so many new and wonderful FRIENDS!
Bless each and everyone of you for being SOOOOOOO NICE AND CARING.

I am supposed to name five others to award this to. The three artists who sent this to me are already tagged. I add these special women to my list:
Cheryl @ zanymayd
Molly @ crafthappywomen
TeTe @ metallyptica
Anne @reloveprojects
Angelina @ beautiful cards

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Marie said...

I have loved catching up with all your entries this morning, after having checked in far too often these past few weeks and being dissapointed. Today I was pleasantly surprised and pleased! Nice does matter and you really deserve this award!Couldn't have happened to a "nicer" person!