My Latest Project

 So I have ONE MORE WEEK before I get my walking boot off......counting down the days!!

I am moving around a lot better than the previous 7 weeks so finally was able to mark a project off my list.

 This was John's Great Uncle Charles' favorite reading chair. After he passed away it passed to us and reeked of cigar/cigarette smoke.

 It sat out on our deck with a brightly colored beach towel thrown over it and was our two cats' favorite perch whatever the weather.

I had John bring it in to my studio and tore all of the old fabric off and the batting out. I replaced it with new padding and quilt batting. I love my staple gun.

I had some Annie Sloan graphite colored paint and wax so pulled that out.

I painted all the wood surfaces with the paint and buffed them with wax after the paint was dry.

I pulled fabric out of my stash and this is cotton.  These are my favorite colors in my studio. Callie kept laying about on the chair while I was trying to recover it and meowed and growled at me. She was not happy I was taking the smells of her chair away.

Mato was equally upset with the changes and kept jumping up on the seat.  Every time I put her down she would get right back up and growl as well.

I pulled this bead trim out of my trim box and applied it around the edge of the chair and between the seat of the chair and the base.

Like so.

I added a bolster pillow that I made with more fabric I had on hand.

When I am not sitting here you will find either cat claiming it as theirs. That tells me they are as happy with the changes as I am.

The only thing I am not liking is that I usually recover furniture with stiffer fabric or upholstery/drapery fabric.
I didn't feel like I should spend money on any fabric when I have so much in my stash. So this being cotton, it does stretch and wrinkle after being sat on.  It does smooth right out and I know the wrinkle police won't be visiting any time soon. But, just info for anyone out there who might  want to take on a similar project and use cotton. That is one thing I didn't think out ahead of time.
I do love it and I added quilt batting to the bottoms of the legs so I can move it around in my studio and save scuffing up the hardwood floors.

What projects are you working on?


My Garden Diaries said...

Now that is one amazing transformation! It is completely stunning! WOW!!! A job well done and a wonderful week to you! Nicole xoxo

Jules Woolford said...

What a great makeover and a lovely way to remember your husband's uncle in your own special way. Great to heat you will soon be able to get that boot off!

lynn cockrell said...

What a fabulous job on this chair! She looks like a diva now with that bright pink fabric and the trim. Wonder what Great Uncle Charles would think he could see her now?! Hope you don't mind this bit of offbeat humor.

Have a beautiful weekend and a great St. Patty's Day!

Art and Sand said...

I cannot believe that is the same chair.

It doesn't look like you will get to sit in it much.

Susan said...

I had to chuckle at your cats trying to sabotage the project. thanks for all your comments. It was fun reading them.

Diana Petrillo said...

Hi Catie An--thanks so much for visiting me and leaving all the lovely comments :) Your chair is amazing! I don't think I could do this project--upholstery seems pretty complicated to me. Your chair looks terrific. Hope your week is blessed :)

sandy said...

What a fun remake! I'm not sure I could tackle such a project!

liniecat said...

and of course 'Cat Approved' means a whole lot!!
I'm following to see what you get up to next lol
Like you Im a charity, thrify shop buyer and car boot trawl as well.
I prefer to use recycled materials and always have although this New Hexagon Millefiori BOM seems to have addled my fabric purchases and I MUST NOT BUY any more fabric from new lol