My good friend Paula @ onarainynight is Hosting a Book Give Away in honor of Her Mother's birthday. Hurry on over to her blog.She is Awesome. Okay WHO DID IT? WHO MADE THIS MESS?
HMMMM DOESN'T LOOK LIKE MY MESS MOMMA.....NOPE NOT MINE............................................
I was so funny yesterday. I was here in my studio working on Valentine Fun when I heard a crash and clutter and then furry little paws running down the hallway.

I went into the bathroom to discover the mess above. Both cats were so funny. I think they thought something was going to jump up at them. The picture that 'got away' was the two of them stretched out with back paws on the floor and both of them peering over the edge of the tub. They are hilarious. It was actually little Anna who made the mess. Callie was in here dozing across the back of my computer chair. She jumped as high as I did. Anna likes to climb around the edge of the tub and drink water out of the bamboo plant containers. They just sit in gravel and water.

If your remember, Anna was dumped in our yard with her siblings and we kept her. That was in SEPT. Callie being the Queen around here had her nose so bent out of shape it is a wonder she could smell food.

She stopped sleeping in our bed right next to me. That made me feel awful. But something happened while we were away for Christmas.
Callie has been in our bed every night since. She's either nestled next to me or at our feet. Last night she was right by me and Anna was curled at our feet.
They chase each other all over the house and no longer growl when they eat. She actually has taken a mother role to Anna.

So the pecking order must be well established and all is well once again.
I actually think Callie enjoys having another cat around to play with.
It is the first time we have been gone that she hasn't out right snubbed us for a day or two.

I know there are a lot of you out there with 'furry kids' and they are part of the family. I am at home every day alone while John is at work. Almost everyone I know is at work. These two are very precious to me.
They not only offer companionship but give me lots of love. When I am having bad day they seem to sense it and are extra attentive with their snuggling and purring.

If you know an older person or a disabled person who lives alone why not surprise them with a pet. Even goldfish give one something to care for and talk to.
It has been snowing all afternoon here---we are only supposed to get about a 1/2 foot. I can sit here in my studio and watch it fall in the street lights.
stay warm and give those pets extra love.


Alison Gibbs said...

She's a naughty kitty kat.

The Rose Room said...

ha ha, that is so funny:) No wasn't me . . .

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Great story..my Pixie, and all black cat with green eyes, keeps me company while I work. Your two are adorable. Susan

lollysnestegg said...

Callie and Anna are precious! Our four-legged, furry children do bring us such joy and offer such sweet unconditional love. I'm happy you have them with you!

Roxie said...

What a funny kitty post. They are certainly sneaky aren't they? And then they claim to NOT be the culprit of the knocked over whatever it happens to be.

Paula said...

What a couple of sillies! Cute pictures. Glad your kitties are back snuggling up with you at night. Our Boots always sleeps right with us, but he likes to play King of the Mountain and actually be ON you while he's sleeping.
Thanks for the link!

bluemuf said...

What fun. You can't beat having a couple of sweet little kitties. They provide so much entertainment and just give so much.

Hugs Karen

Marie said...

Leav it to cats!!! I miss having a cat *sniff *sniff

Kim said...

Mine are such BAD kitties... but being cute goes a long way to saving them! They of course would never do anything like that. But my tp costs are very high because Trouble thinks he MUST rip all polls to shreds. Ah, kitties.

Bejeweled said...

Big mess, but how cute they are checking out what they have done! The tub is suddenly so super interesting to them - great photos :)

And well said on the benefits of having a loving animal as a companion!

Kristy C said...

that is hilarious!!

Jillian said...

How cute! Oh my gosh! You have kitty accidents, too... click on my page to see my little gals. Er, well, one of them is not so little.


Love the name you chose for your blog...

~ Jillian
PS> I found your blog by way of Sassafras and Lulu!

Jessica said...

How funny! I love your captions for the photos. Cats make terrible criminals, as they always return to the scene of the crime! I know that my little stinkers always do. Thanks for sharing your cute story, it made me smile. :)