IT"S A GIVEAWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!A GIVE AWAY!!!!!

I celebrated my 58th birthday on Dec 23rd and I wanted to post a give away. Then I realized this is my 75th POST. So I decided to do TWO GIVEAWAYS!!

When I took a deep breath and started my blog last spring, I was very intimidated by all the beautiful blogs and owners out here in blog land. I had no idea how fast time would go and here I am with still so much more to share!

Here are a few little tidbits that you will find in your box of goodies: a green peackcock feather wreath, vintage lace, ribbon, pearls, floral corsage...........small victorian tussie,

vintage postcards with dates and letters written on the back, original ads from the early 1900's, copies of textbook pages from late 1800-1900, vintage wallpaper trim, and the list goes on. it will be great 'stuffs' for collage work, adding that final touch to a tussie or a hat or whatever you decide to make this next year.
It will include something that represents each of the holidays for the year!!

This nice sized round box held some mugs. I bought the empty box for a qarter at the thrift store. It measures 10 inches wide and is 4inches deep.

The FIRST GIVEAWAY has 75 items for the winner. and it will include gobs of variety.

The SECOND GIVEAWAY will be how ever many items like above I can fit in this container. It is too small for the 75 items but will hold quite a few and the same variety!

For everyone who posts my give away on their blog, they will be entered in both drawings. You can't win both... sorry. But that means TWO winners will have some fun!!

So leave a comment to enter the giveaway and tell me you linked my giveaway in your blog and you will be entered into the second drawing as well. You have until January 17th when I will draw both names. Each time you leave a comment your name will be entered.

*****you may use the banner at the top of the page to link my blog.
isn't she sweet? She is designed by Samantha, daughter of Dolly from
Thank you Samantha.....fyi......samantha designs banners and does a tremendous job. You can contact her through her mom's blog above.

Let's start the New Year out with some JOY!! International bloggers you are most welcome so jump right in.

I would like to thank everyone for their friendship and support these past months. I have found new friends, have learned a ton and have stretched my creativity in many ways through all the swaps!! I am looking forward to the new year and all the inspirations and new friends that await!


Sonia ~ C. Crafts & Collectibles said...

Hello Catiean, I'm in. Got your link back up and running. Thank you so much for including me and Happy New Year!!!!

cindyforeyes aka cindyiscrafty said...

Too cool, count me in, too! I hope I win that is a boatload of lovely!

Heidi (http://journals.aol.com/hwoodred/everyday-cookies/) said...

Wow! That's a fantastic giveaway! (Either!) Please count me in! (I came here via Cindy-is-Crafty)
Everyday Cookies blog

Vallen said...

Cindy sent me. This is my first visit so it seems a little presumptuous to be put on your list. Congratulations on both of your celebrations. Blogging is a blast isn't it?

Dolly said...

Happy belated birthday sweetpea!
I am excited about your give away....wow its choke full of fun stuff!

Count me in!!!!
{Will you be making a banner for us to post on our blog?}

Warm hugz, Dolly

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! So excited to know that there are bloggers about my age out there! I have thought about starting one, but maybe this is the year! The giveaway is fantastic, I can only hope I win!!

Terri B in Oregon

She'sSewPretty said...

Oh my goodness! First off-Happy Birthday!! Thank you for inviting me to enter your giveaway! That is a wonderful package of goodies!

Jean Knee said...


AmyB said...

BIG DUO-CONGRATS! I'm glad you e-mailed the Sweet Treats Swap folks with the info, because now I've discovered your lovely blog! Please throw my name in the hat! Hope your '08 is GREAT! - Amy Bauer

Alison Gibbs said...

What a fun giveaway. Count me in.

madrekarin said...

Thank you fro letting me know about this! Sign me up for sure. :)

Hapy New Year and Happy Birthday!

Adeline Country Cottage said...

Congrat's on both, love your banner, so pretty, love to be entered, I just love, love give-aways.
Big birthday kisses to you. XXXXXX

Warmest regards

Lee W. said...

Wow- thanks for the invitation! I certainly could use the goodeis! happy Birthday and Happy Blogging!

bluemuf said...

Hi Catiean,

What a wonderful giveaway you are having. I hope your birthday was extra special as well as Christmas and New Years.

Hugs Karen

barbara burkard said...

happy birthday a tiny bit late! AND may the peace and love of the new year surround you!

Samantha said...

Happy Birthday!!! So glad to hear from you through sweet treats and roses! Would love to be entered in your give-away. And now I have you bookmarked so I can visit your pretty blog anytime. :)

Samantha M.

Cheryl said...

Hi Catieann,

Happy Birthday! I was reading Karin's blog and she mentioned the
giveaway. I can't mention you in a blog because I don't have one yet, I'm still too chicken. Please
enter my name.


Pinkie Denise said...

Hello Catiean,
and a Happy Birthday to you, thanks for inviting me I am so glad I came to visit, What a wonderful giveaway your hosting how fun, count me in Pinkie Denise

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

How wonderful! count me in on your giveaway. I love your blog header. It's so sweet and I didn't know dolly's daughter made these:)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Catieann and thanks so much for inviting me to your "GIVEAWAYS", how fun that your having two at one time.
:) Bren


Paula said...

I'm so glad that you had a fantastic birthday. Congrats on your 75th post! Your link is up on my site, my friend...

Catherine said...


Happy Birthday...I'm loving all those vintage items!

Carol said...

Hello there Catie An....
I arrived here from

I am newer to all this and have my own blog as of end of November and still a bit clueless. I would love to be in your exciting give-aways, only I have to figure out how to post your little banner onto my blog.
Come visit me at

Love the banner work from Samantha, such talented gals!!!
Please enter me and I will post your banner one way or another!

Anonymous said...

I can from Kandeland. What fun to say that. Lovely giveaways. Carol R

~Becca~Bluebird Rose said...

A belated Happy Birthday to you!
What a fabulous giveaway! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday! thank you sooo much for invited me to be a part of your give away! I love your banner its super cute! I got my fingers and toes crossed to win! I hope you had a wonderful new year and a cheerful birthday!



Lucy said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!!! Count me in on the drawing :)

Make sure to drop by our swap blog to join our latest swap announced today!!!

craftyhala said...

Happy Birthday to you.
I would love to be entered in your giveaway.

Stampin' D'Amour said...

Oh gosh!! I came across your BLOG and I'm just LOVIN' it!!! WOW! Just MY style! (I'm alittle embarrassed, for I haven't updated mine in over a month!)

-pamela :0)

Stampin' D'Amour said...

I forgot to add that I linked your Giveaway from my (now updated) Blog! :0)


Anonymous said...

I am a newbie can I join? I loove vintage! I grew up with chickens and God awful Roosters! Ha! Denise Mass.

vivian said...

hello there dear! count me in also.. sounds like fun.. I'll try to mention your give away in my blog, next time i blog.. maybe tomorrow or sunday if thats not too late! have a lovely weekend!

Jessica said...

Thanks for the giveaway chance! I'm glad I found you through Stampin' D'amour's blog today.

Vicki C said...

Happy Belated Birthday to you!! I was directed to you blog from Catherine Mathews-Scanlon. So gald you have found it!

Mija said...

Happy belated birthday! i hope your celebration was a blast. i'm thrilled to be invited to you give away but was even more thrilled when i checked out your picturetrail! your drawings are incredible!!
crossing my fingers so i win :-D
Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...


Denise said...

Cool giveaway - very generous. Happy belated birthday!

Raspberry Roses said...

Found you through Dolly at MyCherryHeart. Belated birthday greetings from Downunder. I am pretty new at this but would love to win your giveaway. I am not real good at his but I will try to get your banner onto my blog. Fingers crossed Huggs Linda :)))

Anonymous said...

Hope you had an amazing birthday! I found your blog through Catherine Scanlon & am in love with your style! Thanks again for letting us share your day with you

sandee said...

What a great way to celebrate your birthday! I hope you have a year filled with love, happiness, warm fuzzies and LOTS OF ART TIME!

I'm going to post a link to your blog on my blog...


carylsrealm said...

Happy Birthday and wishing you all the Best in the New Year! Big Squeezes!

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I had come by earlier and thought I'd left a comment. Thanks for the reminder, I appreciate it, this is an amazing giveaway, woowoowow!!!! Cool stuff and lots of it.

Happiest of birthdays to you and thanks for letting me know my comment didn't get into the giveaway sign ups.

Maija said...

OK, sign me up, please!
Happy Birthday!

Anja said...

My ohw my, count me in! What a great way to start the new year and celebrate your birthday!

Regards from Holland, Anja

Monica said...

Happy belated birthday and WOW what a give away I would love to be included!
Hope you are off to a great NEW YEAR :)

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Hi Catie...happy birthday! What a lovely give a way and for such a festive reason. I will have a piece of cake for you as soon as I can eat cake again! Susan

Liz said...

Oh Catiean, what a wonderful, generous gesture.
I have entered, and have just caught up with Blogland again.
Special Birthday Hugs from N.Z.

Mica said...

Happy Birthday !!! You didn't tell me you were sooo young !!!! I am blessed to have met you and miss our e-mails as well. It was fun to swap huh ???? We should e-mail once in a while. I pray for a better year !!! Many blessings and would also love to sign up for your give away if it is not too late !!! XOXO Mica

VintageGirlatHeart said...

Well Happy Birthday!!
And Happy New Year too.
Love all of the great crafts on your blog and that bOOTIE cake is too sweet!!!
Beautiful Family!!

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday---what a lovely blog.

teacupsandpoodles said...

Happy Birthday! Enjoyed your blog! Count me in on the give away!

Linda said...

I hope your birthday was wonderful...mine was just a few days after yours. How fun to celebrate with a giveaway!Here's a link to the posting:



LivetHosOssTre said...


Your blogis the most wonderful thing i have ever seen!

here`s a link to the posting


Take ceare!

//Angelica from sweden

lollysnestegg said...

Hi, Catie! Count me in for the giveaway.....wow!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

SympleTymes/PrimitiveRose said...

Hi Catieans Corner
I adore your blog and you are so talented!! Awesome family also!!I have posted your Give Aways on my blog along with your banner
This is a cool thing your doing..
I am a February baby too, the 10th!
Hugs Sherrie

Bejeweled said...

Oh I am drooling over your giveaway goodies! So much pretty! I would love to be entered in your fabulous giveaway!

Bejeweled said...

OK.. I just posted about it on my blog, Jeweled Elegance, too!


Connie from Big Bear Lake California said...

Wow! Such a great givaway!! Hope you stop by my blog for a visit. I started it 2 days ago and am already loving it!!! You have a great blog!! Connie

The Trier and Jen said...

happy birthday
and congratulations on your blogging

please enter me in the draw

jen at http://my3boysandi.wordpress.com/

Mary Isabella said...

Happy Birthday. I would love to be entered in the drawing. Smiles

Kim said...

Hi Catie,
I have added a link to your giveaway on my blog-it's a little rough looking, but I will try to get that fixed. I am also a December baby!

Kari & Kijsa said...

Ooooh- pick me...No...pick ME!!! What two fabulous giveaways..chockful of creative inspiration!!! Love it! Please sign us up!!

kari & kijsa

Shawn said...

Happy happy day to you! what a fun giveaway!!

Genevieve Olsen said...

Happy Birthday!!!!! Congrats on your 75th Post too what a great giveaway I will post it on my bog! Have a super week !

Jeri Aaron said...

Happy Late Birthday! Not sure if I found you in time to be a part of the drawing or not!

Rhondamum said...

Happy Birthday and Congrats on the blog. I am new myself so you have inspired me! Count me in on your give away. Who wouldn't like to get their hands on those great goods. I came here from Dolly's site and plan to visit even more. Will be putting your banner on my blog as well. Hope to chat soon!

Anonymous said...

Hello I have added you link to my blog!!
What a great giveaway love to be a part of it

Marie said...

Fantastic giveaway Catie. I'm not sure how to particpate, but would really love to be a part of it. In the meantime am so glad you had a lovely year and a lovely Birthday! XXOO

Sandra Evertson said...

Happy Birthday!
Sandra Evertson
Love the blog banner!

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

I just found your little piece of blog-land. Fun! And you have a mischievous cat like I have.
Throw my name in your giveaway hat!

Debby said...

Happy Birthday! Hope you had a wonderful day. Congrats on your
75th post. Your giveaway package looks amazing.


bluemuf said...

Hi Catie,

I'm sure you already know this, but I'm linked to your blog

Hugs Karen

kristyc said...

Happy Belated Birthday fellow Capricorn :)
I have just linked your blog to mine :)

Anonymous said...

What an incredible giveaway. Please enter me in th contest. I am going to link your blog to mine!

jackie said...

You're very generous to share such wonderful goodies!
Please enter my name!
jackie smith

Renske said...

Happy Birthday to you. What a wonderfull giveaway. I'll put your link on my blog.

:-) Renske

Sue said...

I just found your blog, got you linked up to mine! Congrats on your birthday!!

Michelle Adams said...

Wow! Thanks so much for the chance to win such a lovely prize! I just found your blog and am looking forward to visiting regularly!

altered melissa said...

Happy Birthday, Happy Anniversary and congrats on your 75 posts!! :p


A glance at my world said...

Happy belated Birthday!

Lyneen said...

WOW... i just found your site... All I can say is AWESOME... thanks for the wonderful Give-Away... I found you via Linda (Lambchop)

I am saying a prayer that you draw my name for those treasures you are giving away... Oh how I hunt for them all the time... YOU are a treasure yourself!!


I have linked your site on my Blog...

Brandi said...

Your stuff is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

kathy r said...

Sadly I cannot link your site to my blog because I don't have one (I haven't bit the bullet and started one yet...i guess I'm a big apprehensive like you were at first).

I will say that your blog looks great, congrats on your birtday and post count! I love vintage...and shabby chic is a style I am confortable with!

vontinney said...

LOVE YOUR BLOG! Just now found it via a blog of a blog of a blog...!
Is this the part where I say Pick me! Pick me! ? :) Congrats on your post count and happy birthday.

I just started my blog last month...I'll definitely be adding your blog link to mine!

Anonymous said...

I just found your site and posted it on my Blog (which I just started). Kind of late, I know ....
I'd love to enter, however, for your very generous prize!