A Winter Day's Musings

Views of our back yard on a winter day.

Did I ever tell you I Love pink???


A handful of salt added to the rinsing water will keep clothes from freezing to the line. Boiling the clothes pins in salt water will keep them from freezing to the clothes in winter."this was taken from The Postman's Whistle Page in Woman's World
February 1935.

I am sure some of you will remember well the days of old.........wringer washing machines and hanging clothes out on the clothes line to dry.
I remember helping my own mother with six young children do laundry with an old white wringer washer. Mounds of clothes took all day and was a back breaking endeavor. It was so tedious to hand feed the clothing or bedding through the wringer while she manned the handle to the wringer itself. I was admonished many times to watch my fingers while I fed the laundry through the wringer.

Yea was the cry for all modern women when the electric washing machine became available!!! But I do remember hanging clothes outdoors to dry.
There was nothing more comforting than sliding into clean sheets that had been on the line in the sun all day!! Inclement and winter weather found the clothes hanging on the wooden clothes rack that stood in the bathtub, or several through out the house over the furnace vent, or next to the stove.

I was sitting here thinking about how even 30 yrs ago I was still hanging laundry out to dry on a clothes line when we were first married. My retired neighbor came over and said 'honey don't you have a dryer of your own?" "I indeed do" was my reply. To that she said "then why are you going to all this work when you can throw them in that and forget all this nonesense?"

Being newly married I was doing what my mother and John's mother always did. Even though they both had automatic dryers they still hung their clothes out to dry in the spring and summer.
Of course they were 'stay at home' moms and I was doing laundry for two one or twice a week on a day off.

You can bet your bottom dollar I was using my dryer no matter what the weather when the babies and cloth diapers started appearing!!

It is interesting though when the world should be focused on 'green' living. Think of how much you could save in a year on electricity if you hung your clothes to dry indoors or out year round.
Am I willing to go back to that? I would have to say No I am not.

The weather is suppoised to get much colder in the next few days and be in the single digits......BRRRRRR. I try to hibernate indoors and only venture out when I have to when it gets this cold. It sends my RSD into a flare.
I am going to cuddle with the heating pad and work on my valentine swaps while John works on my studio. Pictures to follow......................
this weekend.


Carol said...

Hello Catie,
your snow picture looks lovely. It will get cold here over the weekend, but in the 20's, we keep getting some warmer-type weather. So, you can bet I will be huggin out wood stove!!

Oh, and hangin out the wash. wow, that is memories for me as I have had a wash line and had pretty much been hanging out my was for many moons, babies and all (of course no cloth diapies) (well until the freezin weather would come. From first of spring to begining of winter, out it would go one the line (except for rain, etc..) We put up a deck and fixed up the yard some and took down my lines and I been waitin a year or so to get them back up. (saves lotsa money and good therapy). Something about feeling like a pioneer girl (out wood stove does that too!) I am a modern/old-fashioned kinda gal.
lotsa hugs,

Dolly said...

Hey girly I still hang my laundry on the line!
Even thru 3 kids!
The excpetion now that I am older, I don't hang everything out thru the winter...only the bedding goes out to freeze dry!
I love the bedding dried outside!
Hmmm...it feels and smells soooooo goood!
Our daughter moved in with us for awhile and she began hanging clothes out on the line and now that she has her own place the first thing she wanted was a clothes line!

Conserving energy and loving it!

Hugz, Dolly

The Rose Room said...

Congratulations to all your winners:) I can remember helping my grandmother pull the clothes out of the old copper where she had them boiling and then feed them through the wringer. I still hang my washing on the line as I too love the smell of fresh sun dried linens and clothing:) Hope you are keeping well enough Catie:) Rachaelxo

Kim said...

Oh my goodness! I am definitely a woman made for THIS time! It wasn't the 'bra burning freedom fighters' of the '60s that liberated women-it was Hoover and Maytag!

A glance at my world said...

The tip about adding salt to keep things from freezing is awesome! I'm not old enough to have ever hung clothes out to dry, but I love hearing about things like that :)

bluemuf said...

Catie, that was so interesting about the laundry. My mom hung her clothes out when I was a child. I love the pink chair. Beautiful pictures of your snowy backyard. We lost all our snow, but it is freezing outside.

Hugs Karen

black eyed susans kitchen said...

I didn't know that about the laundry..live and learn! I love seeing your snow pictures..we are still waiting to get some snow around here. Stay warm. Susan