Bouncing Back!

Actually it is more like draaaaginnnnng back from the nasty flu/cold bugs that felled the entire family over the holidays!! John and I have been out of commission for the entire week.

I do have to back up and tell you all that we drove to seattle (4-5 hrs) away to spend my birthday and christmas for a week with two of our four children.
The first night there, our son called from Hawaii and let us know he was arriving on the 26th for a job interview. He had to leave Lehua and Nai'a behind sob sob but let me tell you the story:

twas the night of christmas close to midnight
Opa was dozing and oma sitting in her laptop light
the house was buttoned up and not stirring a bit
when all of a sudden the kitchen was brightly lit.

and out there there arose such a clatter
opa raised up and said " what's the matter?"
Oma shushed him and looked to her left
and what should she see as in they crept?
Nakiah and Tovi Mommy and Daddy too!

The pannells from New York oh what a surprise
Oma stood screaming and crying all with tears in their eyes
the youngest of the Porter's has thus arrived!!
To complete the family and bring christmas in right
we laughed and hugged and visited into the morning light.

The only one's not there were Lehua and Nai'a
back in the warm sunny tropical hawaii
we missed you so much and hope to have you here soon
but a christmas this blessed comes along once in a blue moon.

oh kids we had the best of all christmases. thank you for your love and sharing your families!! Thank you especially Sarah and her Ryan for making it all happen. We are so truly blessed with a loving, close family!!!

Here are three of our five beautiful granddaughters.
Tovi Joi is 2, big sister Nakiah is 6 and cousin Sydne is 4.

They are eating birthday cake for Lauryn who turned one!!
Sydne is her big sis!
Lauryn is a very happy girl! Mommy Bethany is having fun too!
the triple trouble trio is here once again food and play were the main issues of the day!
Here is the darling cake Bethany made for Lauryn's Bd!!
isn't that adorable? We are trying to encourage here to start a cake decorating business as a home business.
give away UPDATE
I am blown away by all the visitors to my blog for the give away! Thank you all for the wonderful birthday greetings. I plan on visiting each and everyone one of you to say HI in the next few weeks. Isn't blogging the best?


Alison Gibbs said...

Oh what a special christmas. I am so happy for you. Nothing like a family get together - whatever the occassion.

barbara burkard said...

simply lovely! wow wow wow! come visit my blog ANYTIME! DOORS OPEN AND THE CAPPUCINO IS COOKIN...


black eyed susans kitchen said...

Hi Catie, Glad you are feeling better..I had the same bug. I have bestowed an Amazing Blogger Award on you, so please see todays post when you have a chance. Susan

The Rose Room said...

Hi Catie, would imagine the flu is the last thing you would need! But your Christmas sounds perfect, what darling little girls:)
Happy New Year to You, John and your family

bluemuf said...

Hi Catie, Your Christmas sounded so special. It was just what you needed. Your Grandchildren are so cute. I'm glad you are starting to feel better, but keep pampering for a little while yet.

Hugs Karen

Marie said...

So sorry that you had the flu over Christmas, but wow what a wonderful Christmas you had! I am so happy that you got to spend it with so many of your family members! What a load of beautiful grand-daughters you have! How blessed are you!!! I think Bethany should go into the cake decorating business personally. That (those) cake (s) are adorable! Thanks for sharing this with us Catie! XXOO