Summer is Upon Us

Life has been challenging here lately.  Once again I have been spending a lot of time at the local hospital ER and the Dr's.  But every day is better and I am hopeful this will be resolved.

In the meantime, the ritual of spring planting is alive and well .  I have been puttering in the garden  getting my pots and plants ready for the summer season.

My doors and fence sections are all planted.

 This pink door is all over pinterest since I posted it last year late in the season when the flowers were cascading down the front.

The pool season is officially open and we have been enjoying it with exceptionally  hot weather.


Laurie said...

Everything is colorful at your house. Love it!

Art and Sand said...

I hope you are well!

The flowers ... the pink door ... the pool ... all look wonderful.

Have a great summer.

Mary Ann Potter said...

Color, color, color! I love that pink door.

Jeanie said...

CatieAn, I so hope that your doc appointments reveal good results, nothing too terrible. You certainly have a glorious garden in which to find beauty and restoration. It's simply lovely!

Veronica Roth said...

Oh dear Catiean, I hope your health is much improved and you'll be able to spend lovely, sunny days in your beautiful garden and pool. The flowers are beautiful. I love hanging baskets but rarely put them in my garden because they dry out too fast and I'm in England all summer, so the invariably die. :( But they look so lovely, don't they?

Quinn said...

Hi CatieAn - thanks for visiting me at Comptonia! Your comment about my porch floor led me here to your blog, where I've been wandering happily through your many interesting projects. You are One Creative Lady! You also seem to have a green thumb - your flowers are so cheerful and colorful. Since last autumn I've been putting a lot of effort into planting perennial flowers, so I'm hoping for more color here as well.