"LIL ARTISTS continue

The neighbor kids have continued showing up once a week all summer for our activities. The gardens have been the most fun. The kids were not very excited at first. Once we started harvesting the produce they couldn'nt wait to see what they could pick next.

Believe it or not in that garden bed hides peas, carrots, squash, peppers,
lettuce and pumpkins.
Each week the kids took baggies of produce home with them.

We made all sorts of things. Interestingly enough, we talk about individual tastes and 'not worrying about what others are doing/making' and some days they all copy each other picking the same colors etc.

The kids started back to school and we are now meeting on Mondays
once again.

The day before school started I took each of them a red rose and a note wishing them a great first day. They mean the world to me. I asked them if they were getting bored with the whole thing and they were emphatic about continuing. Several will not be able to as they have dance or something else five nights a week after school. I will miss them but they are always welcome.
We also have a few new members and that is always fun.

These boys are busy making stuff out of clay. collage work is very popular
clay animals as well as space creatures
more collage.
I love fall and the beginning of the school year tends to make me want me to set new goals and get busy on christmas ideas!!
I hope all of you are settling in to new school years with your kids and new beginnings with your own goals.


Queenly Things said...

You are a gift.

Cathy Porter-Chattanooga said...

Always interesting to see what your young artist make. Such creativity.