So this week has been one of those weeks with increased pain levels and some frustration.
When my levels go up, for whatever reason.....I get busy literally.  The more active I am, the farther I can push the pain away.  So I have completely reorganized the pantry, the cupboard under the kitchen sink, my studio and have been catching up on works in progress in the sewing dept.

I was working on a quilt at midnight----couldn't sleep----first mistake-----got the presser foot caught in the batting, lifted the foot, stuck my finger under the needle to 'unstick' the batting, forgot to take my foot off the foot pedal and here is the result!!!

I had to yell for John to help me.  I had  him unscrew the needle in the holder and cut the thread and off we went to the ER. 

Of course they were all IMPRESSED......one of the nurses took this picture and sent it to my email for me.
 This was the x ray taken  so they could see the needle.  You can see how it goes right through the bone here.  I not only sewed my finger twice, I broke the needle and the tip of the bone in my FINGER!
 I am now in a splint for a few weeks.  I also got a tetanus shot since it has been a while......and am on antibiotics.....they also gave me the name and phone number of the leading hand surgeon in town.......just in case!  HA
Okay so am going to take a nap and then sew so more....VERY CAREFULLY and my wits about me!


kath001 said...

Apologies if this is a duplicate from me.

I ran through my finger once, but not through the bone! Yikes. That pretty much assured my preference for sewing by hand.

Healing blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

O my gosh, girl! that looks awful. I am glad you have your sense of humor this could have been "sew" much worse, ;-)
Hope you heal quickly,

Anonymous said...

O my gosh, girl! that looks awful. I am glad you have your sense of humor this could have been "sew" much worse, ;-)
Hope you heal quickly,

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Oh no! I wince just looking at the picture. Ouch! I always make mistakes when it is late at night and I am still crafting when I should be sleeping. Thankfully I'm not running any machinery. Take care of yourself. Tammy

Marrianna said...

Ouch is right. OMG, what pain that must have been. I'm impressed that the nurse took a photo of your finger AND you got a copy of the X-ray. I stitched my finger when I was in high school, and yes, we had electric sewing machines at the time. I was rushing to get a special dress done for an event and the needle went through my finger next to the tail and out. Owe, that hurt and bled. But as far as I can remember, I didn't bleed on the fabric I was sewing.


lorik said...

OW! I looked at the pics before I read and took a moment to realise what I was looking at! How painful! But it is great how used it for this post - xray pics and all :)

Paula said...

Oh My Gosh!!! That looks so painful. No more sewing for you in the middle of the night young lady! Yikes!

Everyday Things said...

I saw one girl back in school days do this, it looks soo painful. Hope it heals fast for you!

Anne said...

Hello, CatieAn Dear! Oh, Goodness! I did this when I was in the first grade, but "only" managed to split my nail...:(...Poor you!! I know it was awful...I've come to you from the "Grow Your Blog" list that Vicki at Two Bags full has so kindly left up...(It was over before I heard about it!)I am so happy to have found your delightful blog, and am now following!
Please visit me if you get the chance!
Anne ♥

lynn cockrell said...

Oh, my! This looks very painful. Just goes to show how our love for sewing can be so fulfilling, but can also result in some painful experiences. Thankfully, I've never gone through bone, but just last year I sewed through the edge of my thumb while racing to finish some tablecloths for a friend of mine who is a caterer. The needle went through the thumb and back up again. That was one time I was glad that my old Singer doesn't stop in needle-down position! I hope your finger heals quickly and that you don't have any complications. Lynn

Lesa said...

Ouch! I only sewed across the top of my fingernail (several jabs) but nothing stuck. Oh, goodness, take care of yourself. I'm wincing for you!