Signs Of Spring!

So here I am three weeks in, since my foot surgery.  I am going crazy with the confinement.  My trusty companions are my crazy crutches.  I have used these off and on for ten years, since my RSD diagnosis.
 The first two years I was on crutches only.  With two years of physical therapy graduated to my trusty cane.
 When I have flares and my leg/knee/foot are causing me too much grief, these are my 'go to' help.
They make me smile and they make people I encounter smile as well.
 The constant gray skies and cool winds and threat of rain/snow are getting too me as well.  So the sun started to peak out and I called on my best sidekick Shelka and told her we were going to look for signs of spring!!
 We found this pretty ground cover, peeking up through the detrius of winter..can't wait to see its full glory.
 AHA! Look!  tulip leaves pusing through the pine cones, sharing space with baby scottish pine trees.
 Vinca vine trailing through the same flower bed, under a glorious pine tree.
 Oh My! Rose bushes pushing out sweet, tender green shoots and leaves along side of winter branches.
 Looking up to our beautiful french pussy willow tree.  This tree is over 30 feet tall.  Our middle daughter helped her daddy pick it out for my Mother's Day gift some 20 plus years ago!
 Oh be still my heart!  Crocuses  are opening their petals to let in the fresh scent of spring and adding their faint smell to the cool air.
I SEE you sun!  I know you are lurking beyond the gray cast of late winter/early spring.  It is the teasing of new life and new days ahead that make me feel less antsy and confined.
I can't drive for another month or maybe more but at least I can go outside when the weather is calling me to explore in my own yard.
I hope wherever you are, whatever the weather or hiccup in your day, you have the hope of a new day, new circumstances or just some tiny confirmation that life is never stagnant.  God is showing me that "Yes, this too shall pass."


Lesa said...

So nice to see those beautiful signs of spring. It's warm down here, but we don't have things like crocus, pussy willows and those other early harbingers. Thanks so much for showing us!

Shirley said...

Hi CatieAn, We went from 81 degrees yesterday to 37 degrees with the weather man says we are going to have a mix of rain and snow later this evening. I really wonder if he is right. I am glad you are progressing and I love your crutches. They are certainly a conversation piece. Have a great rest of the weekend. Happy St. Patrick's. Your Missouri Friend.

humel said...

Hooray! Thanks for sharing your bright and happy crutches :) Those little shoes are fabulous!! Great to see some signs of spring, too; today I was admiring the daffodils and crocus flowers near where I live :)

sandy said...

Thanks for sharing your lovely signs of Spring.So hopeful and pretty! OUR lawn is still covered with snow with another storm coming tonight!
Love the little shoes and socks on your crutches too! Have a great day!

Marrianna said...

Well, I'm so glad to read that you are recovering. I only used crutches once when I had a broken bone in my foot. Thank God I only had to use them for 2 days. OMG, my abs were SORE. I admire your stamina and courage. And your patience.


lynn cockrell said...

Catie An, thanks for showing us your little signs of spring. It is anxiously awaited here, too. Right now we have tons of pollen, however, which seems to be causing havoc among allergy sufferers. Oh, yes, and your crutches are really cool and I like your attitude, if you must use them, have fun while you are at it!

Patti said...

Glad to hear you are recovering from your surgery; I researched your illness and it doesn't look like much fun - AT ALL. Bless you for putting forth such a wonderful attitude. Oh, and thanks much for visiting!!