9th Day of Art Every Day Month

A few months ago I signed up for an art/creativity challenge for creating something every day the month of November.  This event is held each year and sponsored by the lovely talented and supportive Leah Piken Kolidas. This is already day number nine.  I have been creating but haven't taken the time to post until today.
I see myself as a mixed media artist and love drawing and painting and assemblage art.  I also love to sew and create out of fabric and clay and whatever trash stuff I have on hand.
I have a surgery coming up in a week and a half and will be out of commission for more than a few months so have been trying to muck out closets and drawers and get everything organized around here.
I love decorating for every holiday/season..  Our kids and kidlets all live far away, but I have a dozen kids from the area that come once a week for art/sewing/baking etc.  They love to see the different decorations and it keeps me inspired to please them as well.
                                             I pulled out all the leave and pumpkin fabrics.
I cut them in squares or rectangles, folded them length wise and stitched up two sides.
                                       I used small and large pieces of fabric so not to waste any.
I grabbed my ribbon containers and pulled out corresponding ribbons, cut lengths longer than the fabric sections and tied them in a knot.
I also had my trusty studio cat an pal, Mato, overseeing my projects.  I rubberbanded the gathered fabric of one end with the ends of the ribbon inside the fabric section.
                                                                             Like this.
             When you turn the fabric square right side out, the ribbon lengths are hanging down.
                                            I then stuffed the pumpkin with cotton stuffing.
                     Next, I took a threaded needle and draw stitched the pumpkin closed.
                         I cut some small limbs from a tree in the yard and used them for stems.
              Then I pulled the ribbons up from the bottom and sewed them to the based of the stem.
I wrapped the ribbons around the stem to finish it off.  This fabric was my Mom's and it is from the 60's.
This is the pumpkin patch I created.  When I showed my DH he said...well halloween is over Honey.
I said.......it is FALL.....Thanksgiving is Fall and have you ever heard of pumpkin pie?" Oh  well they look nice then."  hmmmmm some days............
I have had this turkey hat for several years taking space in the Thanksgiving decorations bin.  I never know what to do with it so decided today I would make it into SOMETHING.
I have a very ecclectic collection of 'trash'  stuff and doll heads are included. So I grabbed this one and after stuffing the "body' I attached the doll head.
                    I also had a handful of real Turkey feathers some one gave me a few years ago.
The feathers were cut down and glued to the neck area of the baby.  I pulled out some wooden letters, painted them and then glued them to some ribbon and attached them to the turkey 'baby.'
She sits on our mantle and makes me smile.  Oh yeah  DH 'got it' and laughed with me. 
I hope you are creating whatever makes you smile today.
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Art and Sand said...

What a sweet little pumpkin patch.

kath001 said...

Love to spend creative days, and the turkey baby cracks me up!

gin said...

really creative. love the pumpkins.

alarmcat said...

those pumpkins are great!! the turkey baby is cute….a little scary….but cute!! :)