Saying Good bye

This is our dear Great Aunt Irma.  In Sept we were able to spend her  107th Birthday with her.
Two years ago her only direct relative moved her across the state away from all of her daily friends and great and great great  and great great great nieces and nephews who saw her several times a week.

We were only able to visit every few months which broke our hearts as well as hers.  Her direct relative did not show up for her birthday and hadn't been seen since the previous year when he did attend her 106th birthday.  Sadly he lives 20  mins from her.

Aunt Irma loved us all as we loved her.  She especially cherished her great great and great great great nieces and nephews and when at home always wanted to 'have a tea party'.


Our youngest grand daughter and great great great aunt Irma had birthdays exactly 100 yrs apart.
Amazing when you think about it.

Shortly before Christmas Sweet beautiful Irma went home to the Lord and all of her beautiful sisters and one brother.  She leaves behind an awesome legacy.  Her favorite line was "Come sit down and I will tell you a yarn."

She regaled us with stories of growing up in a large family on a farm, having 3 children, 2 tragically died at young ages,  raising 32 foster children with her husband of 54 years.

One foster daughter is still living and calls her Mama.

Irma witnessed so many wonderful and tragic events in her life time.  She never flew in a plane but rode in a horse and buggy.  She was simple and humble and lived her life accordingly.

Her one vanity was to wear high heel 'pumps' from a young age.  She wore them to work, to church, on picnics, climbing a ladder, roofing the barn, hoeing in her garden.  She never wore flat shoes until recent years and her feet were badly misshapen.

Irma was a talented artist and loved oil painting.  She taught art students for years and finally had to quit 5 years ago at the age of 102 when her eye sight was failing and she had a difficult time getting up and down her steep basement stairs to her painting area.

The last visit with her, our youngest daughter recorded her telling stories and had sent them to us just days before Irma died.  We have yet to listen to them. Our hearts are heavy but we know she would not want us to weep and grieve.  She lived a beautiful giving, honest life and deserved to go to her final rest.



kath001 said...

No matter how long they're with us, when it's someone we love it is always too soon.

I recently read a book of six-word memoirs, and I could swear that that's where I saw the following, but I looked and couldn't find it again, so not positive, but reading your post made me think of it.

Six-word memoir of 102 year old, "It all went by so fast."

Ain't that the truth?

Cindy said...

She leaves behind quite a legacy, I know you and your family will cherish your memories.

Jeanie said...

I'm so, so sorry, Catie Ann. She sounds like an amazing woman, full of great gifts, one of the biggest being her heart and ability to love so very much. I hope your beautiful memories will be of some comfort as you grieve the loss of this wonderful woman -- and celebrate her amazing life. Your tribute makes her bounce off the page. She would love it.

Shirley said...

I am so sorry Catie Ann, To live that long of a life is amazing in itself. I know those family visits had a lot to do with it. To be teaching at 102 was awesome. She will be missed, but just think about all of the memories that you have made. Take care Hugs and Prayers from Your Missouri Friend Shirley

Laurie said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, CatieAn. How wonderful that you have special memories of your aunt. Hopefully, you will share some of her stories of growing up with us sometime.

Debby said...

She sounds amazing.

Art and Sand said...

What a sweet tribute!

Veronica Roth said...

Goodbye dearest aunt Irma and Godspeed. My goodness what a long and wonderful life she had. Loved your sweet tribute to her CatieAnn. Big hugs to you for your loss.