Hi everyone. I haven't been online in a while. I have had a major flare of my illness and have been 'sidelined' from doing much in the way of anything.
I have taken advantage of not being able to write, type, cut etc to focus on photography though. I have enjoyed the pictures I have been taking;
trying to look for the specialness in my every day world.
I know God puts us where we are ' supposed' to be and I think He wanted me to spend more time in prayer and meditation as well as listening to the quietude of every day.
I always marvel at the beauty in the simplest things that surround us.
The sunflowers were planted by Brianna and the little girls while they were here and now they are laden with bees gathering nectar for their winter stores.
I like to think this 'quietude' imposed on me was to help me become more centered and thoughtful.
I have come to appreciate these moments that can't be filled with anything but gratitude and praise.
May you all marvel at the worlds you live in and find the most beauty in the simplest of God's gifts.

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bluemuf said...

Beautiful Post

Hugs Karen