ten party questions

this is where I do most of my blogging in my studio with all my "stuff'.
I love having a window to look out as I work here.


1.RELATIONSHIP: Married to John. We will celebrate 38 yrs in July.
He is my one and only!
2. CHILDREN: The greatest Joy in my life is being the mother of these wonderful Kids: Ryan 32, Sarah 31, Bethany 29, Brianna 28. They have given us four beautiful and special "other kids" (their spouses Lehua, Ryan, Bryce, and Jason.) The most amazing gift of these children are their own: Nakiah, Sydne, Tovi Joi, Nai'a, Lauryn and the new baby .
John and I love being OMA and OPA. What a special privilege for us.
WE love all of you sooooooo much!!!!

3. PETS: my babies are Callie a calico cat who is my second shadow and Anna a gray black and white tabby who is coming into her own.
I also have a Beta fish: Ben met a premature death while we were gone on vacation. It was not the cats but overfeeding by the neighbor watching him. I now have another beta named by sydne: Gil. He still hides in the bottom of the bowl and hopefully will swim more freely when he is used to me moving around.

4. AGE; I am a 58 yr old. I don't feel that old most of the time and my mind definitely is not that age. I agree with the old 'adage' you are only as old as you let yourself be. I try to stay active as I can within my limitations.
I always stretch my brain matter.
5. STAR SIGN: capricorn.....stubborn as a goat for sure!! heh heh
6. Fave Food: bq'd ribs
7. Fave Drink: flavored coffee, ruby squirt
8. House decor: vintage, shabby chic some victorian mostly a mix of 'fun' arsty stuff.
9). Collections: vintage linens, buttons, jewelry, hands of any material,
hearts, sound objects for art.

10).How did you get into blogging?: I started a blog about living with my RSD and tried to be humerous and light. I then started finding all the blogs that appealed to me at my 'spirit' level and my muse found much more in all the artists and women with such similar interests. I decided that it was more 'live giving' to me to blog about my interests and my art and focus on the most positive aspects of my life rather than about my RSD. I am not my disability.

Thank you Rose for this fun idea for your blog anniversary. Hi to all you new readers. NICE TO MEET YOU.


The Rose Room said...

Hi Catie, your new studio is looking fabulous! Loved how you answered the 10 questions so beautifully:) Thanks for coming to my party. Rachaelxo

Connie said...

I LOVE your work space!! I'd love to have that much in my sewing/craft room.

sherry said...

CatieAnn, I have to tell you that I stopped dead in my tracks when I read the names of your pets, of all things. My oldest granddaughter is almost 4, her name is Callie, I thought wow, that is cool, Callie/Calico Cat, that might be a cool name, then the name of your other one is Anna - now wait a minute, Callie's sister is Anna. That is wild. My girls are precious and I am sure yours are too!
Would you mind if I ask what RSD is? I don't recall hearing that before. I am amazed at how much blogging relieves stress.

Adeline's Shabby Cottage said...

I LOVE your blogging space!! I also read the story below....you really did have a bizarre time after your trip!! Great to meet you!!


Our Home Schooler and Jen said...

thanks for visiting my blog

bluemuf said...

Hi Catie, I just love your new room. I would love to come and play with you in that lovely room

Hugs karen

Lolly said...

I am still so jealous of your amazing work table!! You lucky, lucky girl!! Are you still doing your Mondays with the kids?

Marie said...

I, for one, love your blog Catie! I adore your work space as well. How beautiful it is and I loved reading these little tidbits about you!