Okay I am back with no 'big events' upcoming. We have been back from Hawaii exactly one month. I have no idea where the time goes anymore.

The first two weeks back we were trying to spruce up the yard for Sarah and Ryan's back yard reception. That was two weeks ago and went very very well. We were excited to meet more of Ryan's family. The weather wreaked havoc the entire two weeks preceding this affair but two days before, the sun emerged and the temps went from 50's to 90's in a short three day span!!!
Ever since the weather has been fluctuating between calm and sunny to rain and wind and much cooler temps.

The ever changing barometric pressure is making me crazy. My pain levels are all over the board. Couple that with my need to 'appear and act normal' I have over done it. Today is a day to catch up on blogging and reading or anything 'quiet' until the girls arrive at 3:30.

These are a few of our activities I haven't talked about.

Here we go with 'our' trusty leader...........me.....who got a few blocks into the walk to collect 'found objects' and one of the girls yelled out....."You are wearing two different shoes!!! Every one come look." Ha They WERE both black but definitely not a 'pair'.

my 'little buddies' armed with large ziplock baggies and wearing protective gloves. Tiffany is carry water for everyone in her back pack.
The rules were: no bottles with liquid, no straws, spoons or really 'icky' junk. We walked a mile circuit and I was amazed at how much junk we all collected.
We brought it home and then each girl dumped her loot and selected what she wanted to keep. We then 'washed' stuff off to store for warmer weather.
The girls were so gung ho and we had a few laughs over 'finds'.

We are going to glue or just lay the found objects on a cardboard and then mix plaster of paris and pour over them to make a 3 D relief picture. Before it dries we will add other 'stuffs' on the outside of the plaster. Once that is dry we may add paint or frame them the way they are,
A very easy and fun project was this one: The girls took glue and squirted it out all over their paper (cardstock)
in globs and squiggles. We helped those dry with the aid of a hair dryer or three actually.
Then we used pastel pencils and chalk and crayons. The girls then drew a picture incorporating the glued areas. It was fun and went quickly, depending on how detailed the girls were.


bluemuf said...

Wow Catieann, what a fun project. First a treasure hunt aka excerise and then the art. I love it.

Nice to see you blogging

Hugs Karen

Alison Gibbs said...

Catie what a fun thing to do with the girls

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Catie, Sometimes, you just make my heart sing! This was a wonderful project with the girls. You have the best ideas! Susan

Ele at abitofpinkheaven said...

You are so special to put these girls first. Hugs to you!