This has been an ongoing project for our monday class. Back in April we started planting seeds. I always think I have everything well organized.

Everything is set up for the girls when they arrive. We have a snack and then get right down to the activity. We often have a 'play break' and they go outside to play kick ball with my large exercise ball.

Planting seeds was more frustrating than I had anticipated but nonetheless got accomplished.

The girls always talk about their days at school but the biggest rule is NO GOSSIP at my house. I think it is not the place for it. I want them to focus on other topics. They have even got so that if someone starts to talk in that direction one or more will pipe up and say "no gossiping'.
I filled bowls with potting soil and had plastic cups with holes in the bottoms for drainage. I told the girls one or two or maybe three seeds per container at THE MOST!. oh well................
a few times i would look up and see an envelope of seeds pouring into a cup at will!! They were also supposed to plant BOTH flowers and veggies.
Later I heard " I only like flowers so that is all I planted." I don't like vegetables" "I only planted peas. " Ha they ALL have veggies in their gardens and we will use my flowers for art projects. I am thinking this summer later when produce is appearing that we should have a luncheon for their mothers using what we have in the garden plus a few other things.

I have been making John save old lumber from our fence. When we had the house fire he removed the fence separating the back yard from the front. They needed to drive trucks in the back as well as the front for various restoration. I told him to save them for me because I had a project in mind. At the time I didn't think I would be 'disabled' and dealing with this intimidating illness. So four years later the wood is being put to use and John is all for it. He made the project happen. I just had the ideas.
Here the wood is being laid out to get an idea of what we want:
John taking care of the measuring and putting together:
This is the side of the yard that is crying for some 'beautification."

The girls dragged the boards from the side of the house and hosed them down to get the dirt and mildew and "EEK a bug a BIG bug' off!

They all had turns to help screw the boards in place:
We have four 12ft by 6 ft raised beds:
We have an ongoing theme of 'recycle, make do and reuse' when we do any project: So we have been saving newspaper and our grass clippings to put down for mulch and to choke out the grass:
Add a dump truck full of dirt: ( oh yeah I didn't think a thing about the sprinkler heads in the yard and he ran over two of them that have to be replaced: ) sorry honey!!

We piled dirt into each garden box and got it all spread out then the girls planted their seeds and the plants that did actually grow: John and I bought them each a tomato plant.
Callie has to be a part of everything we do. She thinks the girls come to play with her!
I also saved a bin of these dreamsicle angels. They were ruined with the heat/smoke from the fire so I salvaged them with the idea of using them in the gardens outside. They too still sat in their bin. Each girl got to pick an angel to wash off and put in her garden area:

Some of the left over dirt for other gardens in the back:
I want to put gravel or rock around each box and in front so we will probably put that on our to do list next pay day. I will take pictures again when that is all done.
Now I am off to start a new project: mosaicing!!! My first project is our mail box.
I will be back to show you before and after pics so cross your fingers for me that it turns out the way I envision it!!!!


Connie said...

We did the same thing - "beautified" a part of our small yard also! Got veggies coming up already. Lookin' good, sweetpea!!

bluemuf said...

Catie, That is one big project, but what fun you and the kids are having. This so so good for them and you. Way to go sweetie

Hugs Karen

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Catie, What you are teaching the girls is priceless! They will take this with them through their lives. I am so impressed! Have a wonderful weekend. Susan

The Rose Room said...

Catie, you and John are amazing. Those girls are so lucky to have you as such a loving and positive influence in their lives:) Rachaelxo

Marie said...

I am always amazed at all you do. You are a real Saint and must have the patience of Job!!! Can't wait to see the mail box!

vivian said...

Hi CAtie! I'm always impressed when I pop over to visit here. I just love what you do with these kids. You are blessing them so and they are blessing you so! ITs awesome! I'm looking forward to seeing these gardens grow! You and John are AWESOME people!

Paula said...

I'm so glad that you're enjoying your classes with the girls so much and what a blessing for them as well. I'm as excited as they are to see your gardens growing!

vivian said...

hi Catie, just wanted you to know that i posted a new swap.. pinkeeps.. check out my blog when you get a chance if your interested.. or just to say hi!

Lolly said...

You and John are such good people! How are you feeling these days?
I am having a little giveaway on my blog so be sure to visit and leave a comment!

Anonymous said...

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