OH MY!! After waiting 6 months and researching and trying out used and new cars we finally bought this!! I picked it up last night and we are both like little kids!!
This is a 2008 Toyota Rav 4 mini suv. The color is a green called everglade.

The interior is very roomy....we can haul our grand daughters three at a time....hint hint mommies and daddies!
It came with a sun roof which is something we can live without but it is fun just the same.

The back is very accessible for me. The door opens out....much easier for me than lifting. I can get my walker in and out easier than a car. Of course I can haul my loot when I go garage saling!!!!!
There is a hidden compartment under the carpet as well as a shelf that folds out to make a double layer storage for costco trips etc.
I drove it off the lot with a BIG 6 miles on the odometer!!!!!

I just wanted to share with everyone our new transportation. I am thrilled. I can't drive the stick pick up and so this is mostly mine......I laugh when I tell john that. He is so happy to have a dependable and very comfortable ride!!
I am breaking it in with my mom as my first passenger. We are heading off to see Debbie Reynolds in a matinee performance along with lunch!!
My Mom adores HER!!!
see ya!!!


bluemuf said...

Oh Catieanne, I love your new car. what fun you are going to have

Hugs Karen

Lolly said...

I love it!! Your new ride is gorgeous!! Have fun in it!

The Rose Room said...

Cool Catie, nice styley set of wheels:) Rachaelxo

Connie said...

You lucky chick!!!!!!!!!! WOW, pretty color. I'm excited for ya, honey....

Kai said...

I don't drive, but I'd love to RIDE in your gorgeous new vehicle! Congrats! Veeeeery nice!

barbara burkard said...

LOVE YOUR NEW "BABY"!!!! does she have a name yet?


vivian said...

great new ride youve got there! boy do I need a new car too! but thats not happening anytime soon!
going to see Debbie Reynolds? that sounds like fun. my kids bought me a box est of her movies last year for christmas. she is more from my moms era, but I love the sweet old innocent movies!
I have you down for the pinkeep swap and will update my blog with partners in a day or so. there are only 10 of us, it would be nice to have a couple more,but if not, thats fine!
have a sweet day!

Paula said...

Yeah! ((hands clapping)) So happy for you. Hopefully it will make your life just a tad easier and it's perfect to haul your grandkids around. Congrats!

Blondie ~ Vintage Primitives said...

How wonderful to have a new set of wheels! You certainly are due for it and deserve it. Enjoy!
Thanks for coming by for a visit as well! Good to catch up.

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I'm old enough to adore Debbie Reynonlds too! Sounds like fun, your mom is lucky to have a sweet daughter like you to take her to that show in your fancy new ride!

(a freind has one of those Rav4s adn loves it. I've driven it before and it was nice to drive)