Meet 'Albie'!!!( please don't be alarmed)

Happy Belated Fourth of July to everyone! I hope the day/weekend was spent with family and friends making special memories!
Sarah was in town to visit with us for the weekend. Her new hubby is in Alaska fishing for the rest of the summer.
We spent the first part of the 4th visiting one of Sarah's best friends and her new daughter! Octavia joins 2 yr old big sister Avianna and is just as beautiful.

We shared lunch and I entertained Avi while Sarah cleaned the kitchen for Shalena.
Then we joined my family at my brother's for a very laid back afternoon.
The kids went swimming and we bbq'd and played horse shoes.

John was on call and worked most of the day but did get there in time to eat and visit. We were in bed before 10 that night. No fireworks for us!

Okay this is 'ALBIE' my caucasian/european female skull. I started an online forensic sculpting class last week and am so excited to really get into it. Our first assignment will be to sculpt a male skull. She will show us a picture at the end of the month to see how close we came to the 'real guy'.

Of course this a mold of a real skull---not an original. They are available but are like $1000.00! I don't anticipate having one any time soon or ever for that matter.
here is a side view of how lovely we look without our 'muscles and skin.'
ALbie comes with a few of her own vertebrae and ALL of her teeth.
This is the frontal view. We are studying the skull bones and muscles and their functions this week. We will start the actual sculpting process next week.
I will keep you updated as we go so you can see the development along with me.
see ya !!


Connie said...

Yikes, I'll bet I don't know another single person taking Forensic Sculpting my little sweet chick!! Hah...

black eyed susans kitchen said...

Ummm, wow! That is by far the coolest class to be taking..forensic sculpting...will you be working with the CSI's? You always surprise me. Susan

Sassafras & LuLu said...

Hello Catie,
Thanks for your visit!! I have checked out your site and visited off and on, when time permits!! Thanks for your kind words. You busy as ever with your lovely family that is great. What an interesting class you are taking, wow, good for you. That would really give a good feel for regular sculpting of a face/head in the future too. Very interesting!
Have fun and a great weekend, I will stop back soon,
hugs, Carol

Marie said...

OH, that sounds like such an interesting class Catie! Please forgive me for not having e-mailed. I have been busy with the wedding up at the big house and getting them ready to go away. I will try to get one written to you soon. I didn't want you to think I had forgotten you! XXOO

Paula said...

I'm intrigued, Catie. Can't wait to see how this project progresses!