A Community Garage Sale! So Fun!

This Past Saturday the guys were in a golf tournament so my friend Joan and I took off in my new rig to break her in 'just right." It had to be christened for garage saling. We went to a small farming community about an hour away. It was so fun. Lots of individual family sales as well as the grange.
On the way back home we stopped at a Barn Bazaar. I forgot my camera....but what a lot of booths, entertainment and food etc.
It was almost 100 but we were having so much fun we barely noticed.
I am still resting up from the outing.

I found these red and white enamel ware plates to go with my other pieces all from family. They were very reasonable. I hesitated and the lady came down $4 immediately!! I think they wanted to get out of the sun!!

These goodies were all 50 cents apiece!!! napkin holder, vintage sifter,
and princess house steamer.

these bed posts were only $2 for the lot and I know they will make something great for the yard.
I have always wanted a horse collar and had ideas to put a mirror inside. This one is pretty worn but was only $1. It will probably get a clock inside and it will hang on the deck. For some odd reason we ended up with a few horse shoes from John's great aunties. Now if we ever see any we pick them up. So the horse collar will go with that decor!!!
This was a favorite find at the grange sale. A trellis arch! I am going to paint it white and have john put it up in the front where I have two climbing roses that need something to grow up.
For another buck I got a box of misc stuff and here were 14 vintage chickies on little green twigs made in japan stamped on the bottom! Woo Hoo I was so excited.
These doilies were a dime each so I had to bring them home.
Bags of buttons for 25 cents each were a great find as well.
several bags had rhinestone buttons too!!
These are vintage prints and will be a december birthday gift for someone in my family.
This box was in the grange as well and for ten dollars I could have it.I have a penchant for collecting vintage christmas supplies to make my reproduction ornaments. I saw a few pieces on top of the box. So I grabbed it up and lo and behold................the entire box was FILLED with this vintage chenille rope garland in green and red.
It took me several hours to get it all untangled and put in other containers. This was THE BEST find of the entire day. I know it would fetch a lot on ebay but I have lots of ideas for it!!

boxes of fabric all vintage came home for $1 each. The fabric came in lengths from several yards to quarters and eighths. The lady was a quilter and said she would call me with more goodies in a few weeks.
These are all quilt pieces for the drunkard's path. I am not sure if it will make a full size quilt but I will take it out and look and if nothing else can use them for a small lap quilt, wall hanging or framed art.
I also was given tons of quilt templates because the lady 'liked me'.
She was a dear heart and was happy that I was so happy to find her stuff and take it home with me.
Now that I have a vehicle to drive and the weather is nice I am looking forward to the garage sales. I hope all of you have the the chance to get out and look for your treasures as well!!


Connie said...

The little chicks would have had me by my beak, my little birdie!!! Whooohooo,

Paula said...

Sounds like fun. Those plates are my favorite of your weekend finds. Nice!

Vallen said...

Goodness me! Now that's what garage sales are supposed to be like!! What fantastic good luck. The perfect christening - the car must have been packed to the gills!

bluemuf said...

Catieanne, What a great haul. You did so well on your day of garage sales. Way to go.


Nancy at ManicForMosaics said...

Catieann - Wow! You sure found lots of cool stuff at that bazaar. I wish they had that kind of thing where I live but the bazaars & flea markets around here only have new stuff. They're really terrible. So it's nice that I can shop vicariously through you! I love the mosaic mail box too. I am also a mosaic artist so check me out sometime if you have a minute!

Kai said...

Oooooooh! It's a GOOD thing I just love you to pieces or otherwise I'd be super green with envy! What marvelous finds! The buttons - a TREASURE! And the doilies for only .10 apiece? WOW! You came away with such wonderful goodies! And BECAUSE I love you to pieces, I'm glad! LOL!

vivian said...

Hi Catie! well you certainly found a lot of goodies! I love those emamel plates!
hey, Im passing a blog award on to you! so stop by my blog when you get a chance to get it!

Carla said...

WOW! How lucky you were!